Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Mapuche's New Storytellers: Sharing Knowledge through Video (High Br...


Two Mapuche indigenous communities in Chile share their experiences using digital filmmaking to communicate their knowledge and perspectives. With the rise of digital technologies, video can enable non- or less-literate actors to break down barriers of exclusion and isolation and participate in the global exchange of ideas to resolve development challenges.

This ten-minute video is a result of research carried out by Ariella Orbach, a research award recipient with IDRC's Communications Division for 2012. Orbach has worked with Mapuche communities to implement the Mapuche Filmmaking School, an intensive training for rural indigenous youth in community-based filmmaking techniques. Based on this experience, she is exploring how video can be used to share knowledge in the development field.

Watch the video in English (Low broadband):

Écoutez la vidéo en français (Bande passante élevée) :
Écoutez la vidéo en français (Bande passante étroite) :

Ver el video en español (Versión banda ancha alta velocidad):
Ver el video en español (Versión banda ancha baja velocidad):

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