Monday, August 19, 2013

Public Statement by Mapuche community Wente Winkul Mapu before Preparation of Trial against their Werkén Daniel Melinao, Chile

Chekenko August 18, 2013

The Community Wente Winkul Mapu of the Lof Chekenko, states the following to the Mapuche Nation and the general public:

Kiñe: We strongly support our Werkén Daniel Melinao, Mapuche Political Prisoner currently confined in Angol, facing the preparation for trial that will be held on September 12, accused in the setup directed by the prosecutor Chamorro and orchestrated from the public ministry, because he is not only a leader in our community but he is also a traditional authority in our territory and of the Mapuche Nation.  

Epu: Our Werkén is accused of being the co-author of the death of Sergeant Albornoz. In his trial over thirty witnesses will declare in favor of the prosecution,  25 of whom are policemen, 3 doctors working in forensic work with the police and 10 police officers of the Investigations Department, which certainly shows clearly the intention to prosecute and condemn our brother and collusion from the repressive institutions of the state, because despite having more than 15 months to make tests, they still fail to implicate the involvement of Daniel in the case, which confirms his innocence, let alone rule out the possibility that Albornoz's own colleagues in a violent frenzy have mortally wounded him. We are certain that among the police witnesses who will present testimony for the prosecution is the author of the deadly shooting that claimed the life of an official who was repressing Mapuche communities and still going unnoticed. 

Kila: We are concerned about the racism and stubbornness with which the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Chamorro acts, since at all costs he wants to keep Mapuche social activists imprisoned. In the case of our Werkén, he asks the court for a sentence of 20 years for presumably facilitating the death of Albornoz, 10 years for attempted murder of a captain who was supposedly hit by with buckshot in a mild form, and one year for obstruction of the work of police, seeking a sentence of 31 years in prison, and makes it clear how biased this historic judicial process is, as more than a civil trial looks like a military war tribunal.

Meli: We extend the call to not lose sight of this important trial, as it is a significant precedent for the Mapuche Nation, because our community was more than willing to clarify the facts and allow the expert works, however, the strategy of the State does not lose opportunities to create the impression that the violence comes from the Mapuche and hides its illegal State terrorism. Solidarity is important to generate more and better bonds in the struggle of our People.

Kechu: Let us accompany the Peñi of Rayen Mapu and Cristian Levinao
on Monday August 19 at the hearing to be held in Angol.

Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners!!!!
Stop the political-legal-communicational setups against the Mapuche Nation!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mapuche Community Mallekoche of Bajo Malleko shall exercise self-defense faced with new police attack by the government of Chile

Wallmapu; August 13, 2013

Given the events that occurred again during the night of Monday August 12, Mallekoche Mapuche Community of Bajo Malleko, of Collipulli, to the national and international public opinion states as follows:

Kiñe: During the night of Monday at about 21:00 pm a strong police contingent arrived at the entrance to the home of the Werkén of the
aforementioned Mapuche Community, Mirko Collio, insulting, harassing and intimidating with high caliber weapons, his family as well as verbally attacking other community members living in close proximity to the home of the Werkén, while they boasted loudly, saying, "we will kill ANOTHER INDIAN".

Epu: Faced with these threats and the successive lack of control of the military police, it is that we will exercise self-defense as a mechanism of protection of the physical and psychological integrity of our children, women, elderly. As our Community will not let itself be frightened, which reiterates its desire not to rest until they have reclaimed the lands usurped by the forestries, settlers and the Catholic church.

Küla: That by virtue of what happened this Monday, the thesis, that is sustained by the Community Rayen Mapu, has become very clear, that the death of the peñi Weichafe Rodrigo Melinao Licán was at the hands of the military police and its intelligence team, since, like yesterday, they acted under complete darkness and impunity.

Meli: We appeal to the Communities in resistance to be alert to these types of events.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Colonist and 2 helpers tortured and nearly killed the Werkén of the Mapuche community ADENKUL MAPU in Ercilla, chile

Urgent Information, the Werkén of the Autonomous Mapuche Community Adenkul Mapu, Daniel Alveal Levicura, was admitted in serious condition to the Regional Hospital of Temuco, after a violent attack by a group of civilians, led by the landowner José Zeit. This farmer is well known locally for his anti-Mapuche stance and for threatening community leaders.

Thursday August 15, 2013

Yesterday, Wednesday August 14, 2013, around 18 hours on the public road linking the estate El Cielo with Las Turbina at the height of the sector Chiquitoy of the commune of Ercilla and while driving to his community with his young daughter aboard his vehicle, he was violently ambushed by a group of civilians led by landowner José Zeit, who him out of the car. The Werkén received a brutal beating in the presence of his young daughter, who also heard the death threats from the group of attackers. "There were several men who were beating my dad, they told him that he would be killed because they had the power and they were going to kill all the Indians, then they left him lying on the ground, got into a van and went." told the girl.

Then the girl called by phone to her grandmother María Levicura Marillán of the community of Temucuicui to whom she told of what happened, who immediately went to the place, lifted him up and went to the Hospital in Victoria and subsequently as a result of the severity of the injuries he was rushed to the Regional Hospital in the City of Temuco, where he remained unconscious for many hours before waking up on Thursday afternoon and where he is now under strict medical supervision. 

It should be noted that the aggressor is completely identified, all allegations were made and the evidence involving him in the crime delivered, but the prosecutor Ivan Isla has proceeded to then formalize the severely woundes peñi Werken Daniel Alveal Levicura for "aggressions" against the settler who yesterday tried to kill him...

Public statement by Cristian Levinao Melinao, young Mapuche political prisoner confined in the prison of Angol, Chile

Angol Prison, August 13, 2013

Cristian Levinao Melinao, cousin of murdered Rodrigo Melinao, on what happened in his community and new judicial proceedings:

I, Cristian Levinao Melinao, Mapuche political prisoner confined in the prison of Angol express to the Mapuche Nation and the general public the following:

I was unjustly condemned together with peñi Rodrigo Melinao Likan, killed a few days ago, on charges of arson on Forestry Cautín to five years and one day in jail plus 1 year and a half (541 days) for damage to this company.

During the trial, I presented the evidence that showed clearly this setup, as I was sleeping in the prison of Collipulli, far from the place and time indicated by the prosecution in which the events occurred. However, this important argument was not considered by the court, imposing once more the racism condemning me just because of being Mapuche, as I presented in court the paper with the validated signature of the Gendarmerie.  

The peñi Javier Levinao Esparza was accused of being the principal author of what we were accused of, but he also presented his evidence, being acquitted of these charges, which shows that this is a persecution of our People, as the protected witness has made several contradictions at the time of allegedly recognizing us.

Next Monday August 19, we have a new audience, this time charged with allegedly violently assaulting a settler in Chiwaiwe, the same place where they killed my cousin. This is nothing more than just another setup to justify the militarization of the territory, which results in the prosecution of our struggle, the criminalization of our demands and state terrorism that is imposed on our territory and in our communities, all complicit in the death of many Peñi. Rodrigo's death is the result of all of the above.

I have had several processes against me, at least five, of which I have been acquitted in almost all. I hope that the flaws of the condemnatory trial that keeps me in the prison of Angol, will soon be reviewed in Santiago to make them see the flaws to the due process. While waiting for that, I will go on worthily assuming my Mapuche political imprisonment.
Trial and punishment of the murderers of Rodrigo Melinao.
End the Militarization of the zone of Ercilla and Wallmapuche.
Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners

Friday, August 9, 2013

PUBLIC STATEMENT by Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya, Young Mapuche Political Prisoner, from the Juvenile Prison in Chol Chol, Chile

August 7, 2013

I, Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya, Young Mapuche Political Prisoner, unjustly sequestered since 11 months in the Juvenile Prison in Chol Chol, denounce to the national and international public opinion and the various human rights organizations that:

That once again the Chilean state violates my rights, and today being August 7, they raided my cell violently, with insults and blows from Prison Guards, something that happened with the consent of the Sename, as it did not respect the agreements signed by the Director of the CIP-CRC and ratified by her last month, upon completion of the hunger strike I held for over 50 days. Neither were taken into consideration the provisions of ILO Convention 169 and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the same Convention on which they based themselves to not allow my transfer to the prison of Angol.

I demand justice. After almost a year of my imprisonment, I will not accept more violations or abuses by the State of Chile.

I make public my regret to the family of the Weichafe Rodrigo Melinao Likan, I send much strength to the Community Rayen Mapu, the lof Chekenko and to the Communities of Malleco. I think it's the Chilean state through its armed forces which is solely responsible for the death of our Weichafe.

Finally, I appeal to those who can attend, to accompany the family, his community, to follow his example of struggle and to demand justice against his murderers!  

Stop the militarization of Wallmapu!!!!  
Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners!!!!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Mapuche Communities in Resistance of Malleco shall exercise self-defense and, in their own way, do the justice which the State denies them, Chile

August 7, 2013


To the national and
international public opinion, to our Mapuche Nation, we, the Communities in Resistance of Malleco, declare the following:

Kiñe: In response to the treacherous murder of our peñi Rodrigo Melinao Lican by the hands of the State's security forces, we demand the government to assume its responsibility for the death of this young family man of the
Community Rayen Mapu, who leaves behind him three little children and one about to be born, in absolute helplessness.

Epu: This cowardly murder is but the result of the militarization of our territory, which we have been denouncing and have not been heard. The same Special Rapporteur of the United Nations, in a recent visit to Chile and the Mapuche people, said that the levels of repression against communities is unsustainable and therefore the actions we forward towards the protection of our children, women and the elderly are justified.
Küla: Given all the above, we present an ultimatum to the Chilean State, represented by
the current government: We demand the immediate demilitarization of our territory, the withdrawal of the heavy contingent of Military Police that has us under a state of siege; and the devolution of our territories, usurped by the forestry companies and large landowners.

Meli: In case of not receiving an appropriate response to this ultimatum, in the shortest term, we,
the Communities in Resistance of Malleco, will feel forced to obliged to exercise our self-defense, and to do, by our own means, the justice the State is denying us.

¡¡¡Peñi Rodrigo Melinao, your death shall not be in vain!!!
the militarization of Wallmapu!!!
¡¡¡Freedom to all Mapuche Political Prisoners!!!
¡¡¡If the Wingka (invader) State doesn't do justice, we shall exercise Mapuche justice!!!

Undersigning Communities:
Temucuicui Tradicional
Temucuicui Autónoma
Rayen mapu
Wente Winkul Mapu
Cacique José Guiñon
Manuel Pillan
Reken Pillan
Wañaco Millao
Domingo Trangol
Coñoemil Epuleo
Lof Llibun Mapu
Antonio Panitru, Lof LonkoMahuida
Newen Mapu
Los Lolocos
Juana Millahual
Chekenco Curaco
Antonio Panitru bajo

Rodrigo Montoya, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, was absolved of all charges in new trial, Chile

Today Rodrigo Montoya, a young Mapuche Political Prisoner of the emblematic community Wente Winkul Mapu, after spending a year and 4 months in prison, was absolved of all charges in a new trial, ordered by the Supreme Court which overturned his unfair sentence of 5 years for "attempted murder" after he maintained 60 days on a hunger strike last autumn to demand a fair trial.

2 related articles there was no time to translate earlier:

Wente Winkul Mapu Youth faces new trial for alleged "abuse" to staff of the militarized police
August 4, 2013

The member of the Community Wente Winkul Mapu of the Lof Chequenco (Ercilla), Rodrigo Montoya, will face on Monday, August 5, a retrial of the oral trial annulled by the Supreme Court, where he was sentenced to five years in prison.

Remember that the start of the trial was scheduled for June 11, but was postponed arbitrarily, the accused having to wait all this time in custody in the prison of Angol.

His case is important for the prosecutors and police because this is a complaint lodged by the General of the militarized police in La Araucanía, Iván Bezmalinovic, who claimed to be a "victim" of attacks.

An accusation which is explained with the persecution directed by this man against Wente Winkul Mapu,
a community that does not slow down in its process of territorial recovery and puts presure on the interests of businesses that occupy this part of Wallmapu.

Message from the young Mapuche:

On Monday August 5 starts the retrial against me, as the Supreme Court overturned the trial where I was sentenced last February 4, for attempted homicide of a policeman. The high court's ruling is that the direct intent to kill, is not justified.

Hopefully in this new trial I will be acquitted and I only ask for a fair and transparent trial. I call upon the communities in resistance to support me on Monday, August 5 at 9:00 am.

Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners

Public Statement before the new trial against our Peñi Rodrigo Montoya  
Monday, August 5, 2013

To our Mapuche Nation, the local and International public opinion, the Community Wente Winkul Mapu from Lof Chekenko states the following:

1. - Today has started a new and infamous trial against a young community member of our community who consistently has been persecuted with political and judicial setups. This is Rodrigo Montoya Levinao, 20, who until he was sequestered by the armed branch of the Chilean state, using his anti-Mapuche lackey on duty, prosecutor Luis Chamorro, was conducting his professional practice in order to contribute in his best way to his family and community, a process that was interrupted by the arrogance of the prosecution.

2. - Rodrigo is arrested during a disproportionate police operation in which they attempted to raid houses within the Community without showing any search warrants. The militarized police arbitrarily arrested his mother, Albertina, and lamuen Juana Montoya, the mother of Eric, with the intention to intimidate the young Mapuche. When Rodrigo voluntarily presented himself find out why his mother was arrested, he was aggressively subdued and also arrested, passing together with both women the next day to the Court of Collipulli.   

3. - They are arrested for allegedly attacking the house of the usurper Juan de Dios Fuentes, a crime which in the end is not even presented in the indictment, because Fuentes can not prove, even under the wingka laws, that the estate which he occupies is his property.

4.-Rodrigo spend more than a year in political prison in Angol, and is now under house arrest overnight, decreed by the Supreme Court, the same which declared a mistrial in April this year for the total lack of evidence with which the Court of Angol viciously condemned the pu peñi Rodrigo and Eric for attempted homicide of a police officer. 

5. - A week after obtaining the annulment by the Supreme Court, Chamorro, vile puppet of the forestry's and the most reactionary and predatory sectors in Wallmapu accused Eric as author of the death of Sergeant Albornoz, fallen in the midst of one of the countless, brutal raids against defenseless women and children in which our people always get hurt by the desperate violence with which the police acts with impunity within our homes, since any policeman who kills a Mapuche, even in the back, is rewarded; We insist, Albornoz fell by the fire of his own colleagues in the repressive and racist frenzy that he was a part of.

6. - We denounce the anthropologist Andrea Benavente Aninat, who as an expert witness for the prosecution has tried to give a "scientific" framework to the investigations, outside all the norms, that the prosecution again intends to use against the peñi Rodrigo, using only 4 matches of the 21 necessary to identify a face, thereby justifying and supporting the false witness statements made by paid secret witnesses. We urge the faculty of Anthropology at the University of Chile to investigate the unethical acts of this alleged expert providing the antecedents for the investigation and demand that they take any action with respect to her conduct, because she is an accomplice to the setups against our pu peñi, since these unprofessional acts lack of probity and its principles.

7. - We support our peñi Eric absolutely who resists with dignity from his hiding as there is no guarantee of a due process, as noted by the Special Rapporteur Ben Emmerson of the United Nations.

8. - We hope that Justice inclines at least for once the balance towards the poor and oppressed and stops defending the interests of the owners of this country, to leave Rodrigo finally acquitted. Even if the opposite happens, we will not stop this just struggle to regain our territory and dignity.
Despite the high costs we have paid, we will leave our children a clear example of the historic struggle and consistency of the Mapuche people, as heirs of a nation that has never been conquered.

Freedom to our peñi Rodrigo and all Mapuche Political Prisoners

Territory, autonomy and freedom

Towards the reconstruction of the Mapuche Nation