Friday, August 16, 2013

Public statement by Cristian Levinao Melinao, young Mapuche political prisoner confined in the prison of Angol, Chile

Angol Prison, August 13, 2013

Cristian Levinao Melinao, cousin of murdered Rodrigo Melinao, on what happened in his community and new judicial proceedings:

I, Cristian Levinao Melinao, Mapuche political prisoner confined in the prison of Angol express to the Mapuche Nation and the general public the following:

I was unjustly condemned together with peñi Rodrigo Melinao Likan, killed a few days ago, on charges of arson on Forestry Cautín to five years and one day in jail plus 1 year and a half (541 days) for damage to this company.

During the trial, I presented the evidence that showed clearly this setup, as I was sleeping in the prison of Collipulli, far from the place and time indicated by the prosecution in which the events occurred. However, this important argument was not considered by the court, imposing once more the racism condemning me just because of being Mapuche, as I presented in court the paper with the validated signature of the Gendarmerie.  

The peñi Javier Levinao Esparza was accused of being the principal author of what we were accused of, but he also presented his evidence, being acquitted of these charges, which shows that this is a persecution of our People, as the protected witness has made several contradictions at the time of allegedly recognizing us.

Next Monday August 19, we have a new audience, this time charged with allegedly violently assaulting a settler in Chiwaiwe, the same place where they killed my cousin. This is nothing more than just another setup to justify the militarization of the territory, which results in the prosecution of our struggle, the criminalization of our demands and state terrorism that is imposed on our territory and in our communities, all complicit in the death of many Peñi. Rodrigo's death is the result of all of the above.

I have had several processes against me, at least five, of which I have been acquitted in almost all. I hope that the flaws of the condemnatory trial that keeps me in the prison of Angol, will soon be reviewed in Santiago to make them see the flaws to the due process. While waiting for that, I will go on worthily assuming my Mapuche political imprisonment.
Trial and punishment of the murderers of Rodrigo Melinao.
End the Militarization of the zone of Ercilla and Wallmapuche.
Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners

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