Friday, August 16, 2013

Colonist and 2 helpers tortured and nearly killed the Werkén of the Mapuche community ADENKUL MAPU in Ercilla, chile

Urgent Information, the Werkén of the Autonomous Mapuche Community Adenkul Mapu, Daniel Alveal Levicura, was admitted in serious condition to the Regional Hospital of Temuco, after a violent attack by a group of civilians, led by the landowner José Zeit. This farmer is well known locally for his anti-Mapuche stance and for threatening community leaders.

Thursday August 15, 2013

Yesterday, Wednesday August 14, 2013, around 18 hours on the public road linking the estate El Cielo with Las Turbina at the height of the sector Chiquitoy of the commune of Ercilla and while driving to his community with his young daughter aboard his vehicle, he was violently ambushed by a group of civilians led by landowner José Zeit, who him out of the car. The Werkén received a brutal beating in the presence of his young daughter, who also heard the death threats from the group of attackers. "There were several men who were beating my dad, they told him that he would be killed because they had the power and they were going to kill all the Indians, then they left him lying on the ground, got into a van and went." told the girl.

Then the girl called by phone to her grandmother María Levicura Marillán of the community of Temucuicui to whom she told of what happened, who immediately went to the place, lifted him up and went to the Hospital in Victoria and subsequently as a result of the severity of the injuries he was rushed to the Regional Hospital in the City of Temuco, where he remained unconscious for many hours before waking up on Thursday afternoon and where he is now under strict medical supervision. 

It should be noted that the aggressor is completely identified, all allegations were made and the evidence involving him in the crime delivered, but the prosecutor Ivan Isla has proceeded to then formalize the severely woundes peñi Werken Daniel Alveal Levicura for "aggressions" against the settler who yesterday tried to kill him...

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