Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mapuche Community Antonio Panitru in Bajo Malleko, denounces armed police attack, Chile

These are some of the shell casings and other remnants that we were able to collect, since the rest were picked up by the police and they took them away.
By Mirko Collio, Werkén of the community Mallekoche
Wallmapu, June 17, 2013

To the general public we state the following:

This Sunday June 16th, between 21:00 and 22:00 hrs, when our families were preparing for sleeping, a large police contingent toured the interior roads of the Mapuche community Antonio Panitru in Bajo Malleko, seeking to enter the the property of one of the Kimches (wise elder) of the Community Antonio Panitru. Upon noticing the situation and for the hour we started playing our Kulkul, at which Police officers approached the homes from where came the sounds of our traditional instrument and they began to shoot their weapons at point blank range at the homes.
We believe this is a clear sign of harassment, provocation and aggression against our Mapuche Nation by the police forces, who covered by the darkness of night fired repeatedly on two homes, inhabited by leaders of the community Mallekoche.
We must point out that these acts undermine the physical and psychological integrity of the people who unexpectedly came under fire by these uniformed forces. It should be noted that children who attend schools in the city of Collipulli, Ercilla and elsewhere could not sleep all night because of the experienced situation.
Therefore we, as Mapuche community Antonio Panitru and the community Mallekoche, categorically reject these acts, hoping that this situation will not be repeated, since the response to these abuses will be different.
Furthermore we call on the Mapuche communities to remain alert and report the abusive acts of provocation, harassment and persecution by the police forces.

Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners!
Weuwaiñ! Marrichiwew!

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