Thursday, June 6, 2013

Public Statement by Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, from the Prison for Minors in Chol Chol, Chile

I, Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, arrested on September 4, 2012, at age 17, currently on hunger strike since May 13 in the Prison for Minors in Chol Chol, inform the Mapuche Nation and the national and international public opinion that:

Yesterday June 4, 2013, I have been the victim of ill-treatment and violations of my rights by the CIP CRC Technical Head of Chol Chol, Mrs. Lorena Kaechele, for refusing to attend the hospital to perform a medical checkup, because I believe that despite my 21 days on hunger strike, I still present a stable state of  health without compromising vital functions, therefore, the transfer would be just another reason for the Prison Guards to take me around the city with a great show of force, as if I were the greatest of criminals, as they have done in the past, where I was moved shackled and in full view of everyone. A situation which denigrates me, because I'm an innocent young man, sequestered by the Chilean government in the juvenile prison.

I denounce that this official, at my refusal of her demand; violated my rights, harassing me, threatening me and pressing me to attend, using obscenities and discriminatory phrases as "shit huacho" and "asshole", also violating my privacy by reviewing my personal belongings and by taking out of the cell in which I am confined an item sacred to my people, my Makun (poncho), without my permission, and walking around the whole of the infirmary with it. She also threatened me, telling me that if I do not go the easy way, it will have to be the hard way, with the help of the Prison Riot Group. 

I appeal to all instances necessary for the removal from office of the aforesaid official, for her unethical, humiliating and violent treatment. This can not be part of the profile of an official with such an important position in a prison las hers. Because we don't want it to happen, in the event that other peñi or lamgen are held in this juvenile prison, when they become involved in judicial setups such as ours, for them to also be harassed and violated like this by this official.  

From this prison I call on all my peñi and lamgen to continue to support me, to remain vigilant and to denounce the abuses and injustices that befall those who defend our country from the hands of landowners and forestries.

Through this same medium I want to present the names of my spokespersons
Victor Montoya (61786601) and  
Tamara Manosalva (83273123).

Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya


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