Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Public Statement

To the Mapuche Nation; Lof and Communities in Resistance and the national and international public opinion:

Kiñe: On Monday April 21, fulfilling 15 days of action, we, the political prisoners on hunger strike in the prison of Angol, have been visited by the Regional Governor Don Francisco Huenchumilla, accompanied by the Seremi of Justice and the regional director of the Gendarmerie.

Epu: We value the visit of the highest political authority of the Chilean state in the region, because this act recognizes us as political prisoners of the Chilean state and therefore reaffirms that the prosecution and convictions that affect us, are nothing but the result of setups against us, who are fighting for our legitimate demands for territory and autonomy, using the intelligence services and the prosecution as instruments.

Küla: The meeting with Mr. Huenchumilla served to clarify the points of the petition and to hear the position of the state representative regarding the solution for the strike. We hope for an early confirmation of a meeting of our spokespeople with the minister of justice to arrive at an early solution to our just demands.

Meli: We reaffirm our decision to maintain the hunger strike until an actual solution to our demands is presented, our peñi Mariano Llanca adds that, despite his poor health, he will join this action if there is no positive and quick response from the state.

Kechu: We call on the Communities and Lof in Resistance in Wallmapu, and on the organizations that support and sympathize with our just cause, to be alert to the development of the negotiations now in progress, we will not fall for the delaying tactics to try to break our strike. We also make a call to take actions that make visible and give support to our petition.

An end to the secret witnesses in trials against Mapuche!
Freedom for the Mapuche political prisoners!
For the rebuilding of our Mapuche Nation!

Luis Marileo Cariqueo (initial weight: 87.100kg Weight today. 76.600kg)
Leonardo Quijón Pereira (Starting weight: 56.100kg Weight 49.200kg today.)
Cristian Levinao Melinao (initial weight: 78.300kg Weight today. 69.300kg)

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