Sunday, April 12, 2015

After 15 days of hunger strike Mapuche Political Prisoners have already lost over 10 kilos in weight

6 Abril, 2015, ANGOL, Chile

Cristian Melinao, Luis Marileo, Miguel Toro and Claudio Huentecol, Mapuche Political Prisoners, today fulfill 15 days on hunger strike inside the prison in Angol, demanding a revision of their precautionary measures and detention system.

The first two community members are serving sentences in the prison compound and were at the center of education and work (CET) of Las Rosas, but as a measure of unjust punishment were transferred to the Angol prison so Melinao and Marileo demand again to be transferred to the CET. Meanwhile, Toro and Huentecol are in preventive custody, requesting the change of the injunction by one less burdensome.


At 15 days after starting the hunger strike for our just demands, we maintain our determination to continue to the end to achieve our goals.

To the National and International public opinion, to the communities in resistance, we, the Mapuche political prisoners on hunger strike, sequestered in Angol prison, declare:

Kiñe: 15 days after starting the hunger strike for our just demands, we maintain our determination to continue to the end to achieve our goals.

Epu: According to a Medical Report, conducted by Dr. Paul Millaleo, April 4, indicating:

Luis Marileo Cariqueo, "a patient with a history of having had hepatitis C two months ago, with deterioration of his health due to five earlier hunger strikes, the patient has visual disturbances, tremors when moving, persistent back pain and cramp in his legs. 9700 grams weight loss corresponding to 11, 25% of body weight".

Cristian Levinao Melinao, "patient with a history with deterioration of his health due to 8 previous hunger strikes, the patient has occasional headaches, cramps in legs and arms, occasional tremors of lower limbs, states to feel permanently cold, also has back pain and lumbar vision, occasional cough. 8400 grams weight loss, corresponding to 10, 89% of body weight".

Miguel Toro Marin: "Patient with movement tremors, frequent headaches, persistent back pain and leg cramps." Weight loss 5200 g, corresponding to 7, 13% of body weight".

Claudio Huentecol Huentecol: "Patient who has had leg cramps, occasional headache, dizziness by sudden movements, persistent back pain. Weight loss 8100 g, corresponding to 9, 64% of body weight".

Küla: That despite our health condition, our state of mind is held high, because we represent a nation that remains in resistance, even in the present unjust imprisonment.

Meli: Our demands are minimal and achievable, only by political decision of the government: transfer to the CET in Angol of Luis Marileo and Cristian Levinao, with open CET and an injunction for the peñi Claudio Huentecol and Miguel Toro.

Kechu: We hope that through the pressure and solidarity of those who support our struggle, we can achieve such fair targets.

Freedom to all Mapuche political prisoners!!!! 

Luis Marileo Cariqueo 
Cristian Levinao Melinao 
Miguel Toro Marin 
Claudio Huentecol Huentecol 
Penitentiary of Angol, Monday April 6, 2015

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