Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mapuche Community Cacique José Guiñon before new trial against Mapuche youths

April 9, 2013

Public statement Mapuche Community Cacique José Guiñon of Ercilla

To our Mapuche people and the national and international public opinion
we denounce the acts of repression, imprisonment and setups that the youths of our community have suffered as a result of the historical process of territorial recuperation and liberation that we, as Mapuche, carry like a battle flag.

We want to make it known that in recent months, men, women and children of our community have been persecuted, harassed and monitored by police in their various places of work and in the vicinity of their homes at any time of day, with orders issued to repress.

These repressive measures have fallen sharply on the youngest members of our community who have had to pay with imprisonment, inventions and setups of the
Prosecution that in collusion with the intelligence services and the large landowners, have armed genuine circuses of lies, corruption and violation of the rights of everyone.

This applies to our peñi Luis Marileo Cariqueo, who since he was 16 years has been persecuted, imprisoned and charged under the Anti-Terrorism Act, in the case Quino, for which he soon will be going to trial, along with another minor, contrary to the rights of minors, which prohibits to aplly the Anti-Terrorism Act to minors, in this same case the older community members and were acquitted. 

Now at 20 years Luis faces another setup, with which they are trying to delegitimize the whole vindicatory process of fighting as Mapuche, accusing him of robbery with homicide and frustrated homicide against a settler in the area. Under the same conditions are Jaime Marileo Saravia and Jorge Mariman Loncomilla, who have been imprisoned and charged with common crimes with witnesses that only recognize them by their tone of voice and their way of walking.

As a community we call on all those who understand and defend our ancestral rights as Mapuche to join us in this new trial preparation process facing our peñi Luis Marileo Cariqueo, Thursday April 11, in the Court of Collipulli.

Continue fighting for the recovery of our territory!!!!

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