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Updated List of Mapuche Political Prisoners, Chile

Friday April 19, 2013
By Commission of Communications / / Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners Mapuche

* Mapuche Informative Extract, distributed April 17, the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, in Event held in Santiago.

Today April 17, various Peoples and communities in conflict around the world claim the International Day of Solidarity with Political Prisoners, an initiative that emerged in 2005 in Euskal Herria (Basque Country), in order to denounce the situation facing thousands of men and women, social activists, who are imprisoned by the capitalist states. 

As Mapuche victims of the Chilean state oppression, we join this call and denounce the situation of being Political Prisoners faced by 28 of our brothers and sisters who suffer overcrowding, illegal transfers to other prisons without informing their families, abuse and racial abuse by the Prison staff during visits.


On Thursday, February 28, 2013, the Mapuche political prisoner Rodrigo Montoya Melinao took the drastic step of starting a new liquid hunger strike because of the unfair sentence imposed on him by the Court of Collipulli, that by means of faceless witness statements managed to condemn our Peñi.

Through a statement, the Peñi said: "I denounce the persecution of my family and the irregularity of the trial that was held against me where there was a clear manipulation of evidence and therefore constituted a violation of due process because the evidence presented was not sufficient to convict me, and the political pressure to intimidate me was felt. "

This shows the racism and double standard of Chilean Justice, who uses the full force of its laws to prosecute and condemn our Pu Peñi (brothers) confronting the capitalist power.

The demands of the Peñi are:

1. - Cancellation of the flawed ruling and wrongful conviction.

2. - No more anonymous witnesses in trials against Mapuche.

3. - An end to the judicial-political setups and Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners.

Mobilization of Support in Santiago

A result of all this is that our organization in coordination with the Community Wente Winkul Mapu,
convene a Meeting in Santiago, awaiting the decision of the judges of the Supreme Court, on Monday April 22, from 13:00 hours., outside the Supreme Court (Banners and Company) .

Updated List of Mapuche Political Prisoners

Concessioned Prison "Llancahue" of VALDIVIA (Los Pelues S / N, Isla Teja)

1. - Francisco Facundo Jones Huala / Nahuel Huapi Lafken, Villa La Angostura, Argentina.

2. - Cristian Ignacio García Quintul / Indigenous Association Newen Yifken, Sector Pichi Pelluco, Puerto Montt.

3. - Machi Millaray Virginia Huichalaf Pradines / Sector El Roble-Carimallin.

Center for Deprivation of Liberty (CPL) of CHOL CHOL (km 1 way to Chol Chol s / n)

4. - Gabriel Augusto Montoya Valenzuela / Community Wente Winkul Mapu, Ercilla.

Prison Detention Center (CPC) of Temuco (Av Balmaceda N º 450)

5. - Machi Celestino Cerafín Córdova Tránsito / Community Juan Quintupil, Vilcún.

6. - Fénix Aquiles Delgado Ahumada / Temuco Warria.

Preventive Detention Center (CDP) of ANGOL (Los Confines S / N

7. - Jonathan Sady Huillical Mendez / De Icalma / With daily leave.

8. - Lorenzo Alex Curipán Levipan / Community Rankilko, / With Sunday

9. - Luis Humberto Marileo Cariqueo / Community Cacique José Guiñon, Ercilla.

10. - Fernando Enrique Millacheo Marin / Community Chequenco, Ercilla.

11. - Leonardo Eusebio Quijón Pereira / Community Chequenco, Ercilla.

12. - Eliseo Efrain Ñirripil Cayupan /
Autonomous Community Matias Ñirripil, Lautaro.

13. - Florencio Jaime Saravia Marileo / Community Cacique José Guiñon, Ercilla.

14. - Bernardo Ulises Neculpan Huentecol / Community Chequenco, Ercilla.

15. - Mariano Llanca Tori / Community Temucuicui Ercilla.

16. - Juan Ruperto Queipul Tori / Community Temucuicui Ercilla.

17. - Carlos Antonio Manquel Toledo / Community Coñoemil Epuleo, Ercilla.

18. - Juan de Dios Levinao Esparza / Community Folil Mapu, Ercilla.

19. - Cristian Pablo Levinao Melinao / Community Rayen Mapu, Ercilla.

20. - Rodrigo Alexis Montoya Melinao / Community Winkul Wente Mapu, Ercilla.

21. - Aladino Enrique Tori Malian / Community Choin Lafkenche, Collipulli.

22. - Heriberto Moroni Ancalaf Prado / Community Choin Lafkenche Collipulli.

23. - Camila Natalia Ancalaf Banda / Community Choin Lafkenche Collipulli.

Preventive Detention Center (CDP) of LEBU (JJ PEREZ No. 775)

24. - José Santiago Huenuche Reiman / De Lumaco / With Sunday

Prison Complex "El Manzano" (CP) of CONCEPCIÓN (RoadConcepción to Penco S / N)

25. - Ramón Esteban Llanquileo Pilquiman / De Puerto Choque.

26. - Daniel Javier Levinao Montoya / Community Wente Winkul Mapu, Ercilla.

27. - Camilo Hipólito Tori Quiñinao /
Autonomous Community Temucuicui, Ercilla.

28. - Héctor Javier Llaitul Carillanca / De San Juan de la Costa.


All We ask spread as much as possible this list, respecting the source, in order to inform on the true situation that affects our Mapuche Nation.

The sources of information are diverse, from the visit to the various prisons, to family and friends.

Mapuche Organization Mapu Wixan Meli
(From the Four Points of the Earth)
2647 Andes, Santiago. Center

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