Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Supreme Court declares a mistriall against Mapuche Political Prisoners from Wente Winkul Mapu. New trial should be performed, Chile

Monday April 22, 2013
By Communications Commission / / Campaign to Free All Mapuche Political Prisoners

Today the Supreme Court delivered the verdict on the appeal filed by the defense of the Mapuche political prisoners from the community Winkul Wente Mapu, who had been sentenced to six years in prison in a flawed trial in which were not even respected the rules of due process.

At such injustice, the community decided to demand the release of the brothers and the Supreme Court had no choice but to declare a mistrial, following the serious and gross defects that harmed our brethren.

Now there should be performed a new trial, before a different court, so as to ensure the impartiality and objectivity of the judges, a feature that is difficult to meet as they are under pressure by the central power.

This shows the state's policy of creating baseless prosecutions to imprison Mapuche,
a policy carried out in practice by the anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro in collusion with the courts.

Stop the judicial political setups!
Freedom for the Mapuche political prisoners!

Note: Rodrigo Montoya is still on hunger strike, now 55 days, in the prison of Angol and Erick Montoya is still living in clandestinity.   

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