Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mapuche political prisoners now held at the El Manzano Penal in Concepción report invasion of anonymous journalists, Chile

Public Denunciation

The Mapuche political prisoners now held at the El Manzano Penal in Concepción inform our Mapuche Nation and the National and International Community that:

That on Wednesday 27 March, in the morning hours, we were visited invasively by a team of anonymous journalists who equipped with cameras and notebooks recorded the entire module, including our bedrooms, photographing beds, appliances, bathrooms, private spaces like photos , books, etc.. There was no identification, they did not show any accreditation, no written permission, there was not even a verbal consultation requesting authorization. We suspect a possible setup or other action against us.

We denounce at the same time, that we are now detained in Module 10 of that prison, to where we were moved in unlawfully (like toys), earlier this month, claiming regulations and a resolution of the National Gendarmes, under orders from Ministry of Internal Affairs, a situation that has violated our most fundamental rights in the field of Mapuche culture and idiosyncrasy, like those referring to rootedness, integration and maintenance of contact with the community and the family. We have not only been deprived of our freedom, but the opportunity to practice our culture, spirituality and lifestyle.

Finally we want to express our total support of our peñi Ramon Llanquileo, who has begun a hunger strike to be transferred to be together with us, thus ending a series of irregularities and political persecutions of which he is the subject.
We call on all those social, political and human rights
organizations to stand in solidarity with our cause, to be attentive to these and other injustices against Mapuche Political Prisoners and communities mobilized for the defense of the territory.

For territory and autonomy!
Freedom to all Mapuche political prisoners!
Mapuche political prisoners Concepción.

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