Sunday, April 28, 2013

Public Statement by young Mapuche Political Prisoner Cristian Levinao Melinao from the prison of Angol, Chile

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cristian Levinao Melinao, young Mapuche community member, being held in the prison of Angol, belonging to the community Rayen Mapu of the sector Chiguayhue, commune of Ercilla, addresses the Mapuche and non-Mapuche of Chile and the rest of the world to inform and to denounce the following:

This April 24 at 9:30 am a hearing will take place for the preparation of oral proceedings in the court of Collipulli for a cause, of which I am unjustly accused, the "Arson Attack on Forestry Cautin".  
Which occurred on October 28, 2011 at 8:00 PM, located in the area Chiguayhue.

I make it known that at the time the incident occurred I was several miles distant of the sector, since that day I went out at 6:00 AM from the Collipulli Detention Center where I was to meet the requirements of another cause. Then at 7:15 pm I took a bus from the company Bio-Bio towards Pidima arriving at my house at 10:30 hrs. Which is 3 hours (walking) from the place where the events occurred (plots No. 15 and 16 Requén). 

In this case, they only impute me for having previous causes of which I have even been acquitted, facts that prove the existence of a constant persecution not only to me but also to my family, Rodrigo Melinao Lican and Javier Levinao Esparza. Note that the latter also was acquitted in previous cases.

The case of "Arson Attack on Forestry Cautin" has gone on for about 1 year and 6 months of research where the Public Prosecutor Chamorro and the Prosecution although they have not implemented the Anti-Terrorism Act, continue to use the same strategy that involves the use secret witnesses and protected witnesses even if it is considered to be for common cases. 

Along with the above I denounce the lack of thoroughness in the investigation by the Prosecutor, PDI and police, who in order to keep their jobs, apply a repressive policy of the State which seeks to get results through the media and to charge and imprison innocent people, only for having a previous history associated with territorial recovery processes.

Freedom for the Mapuche Political Prisoners!!!!
An end to the malicious prosecutions!!!!
Demilitarization of the Mapuche communities!!!!

Cristian Levinao Melinao
Community Rayen Mapu

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