Monday, May 6, 2013

Public statement by Jaime Marileo Saravia of the Mapuche community Cacique José Guiñon of Ercilla, Chile

Marri marri pu peñi, marri marri pu lamngen:

My name is Jaime Marileo Saravia belonging to the community Cacique José Guiñon of Ercilla, IX region of the Araucania:

First: I want to thank everyone
who expressed their solidarity, who supported and understood my case in which the Chilean state and the Public Prosecution of Collipulli twho through the anti-Mapuche prosecutor LUIS CHAMORRO prepared a political setup to criminalize the territorial demand that my community is making, in order to shut down the Mapuche movement...

Second: That in these four months that the prosecutor has held me prisoner in the jail of Angol, he did not find any evidence that might incriminate me on the facts of which they accused me, this is due to the investigative inability of their police officers, that leaves them no other option than than to elaborate judicial setups to keep our peñi imprisoned in different jails of the country ... These facts are similar to what happened in our history where the Spanish could not break our resistance and had to murder us to be able to sell our land to settlers...

Third: I call on all social organizations, unions and independent, and the Mapuche communities to continue mobilizing for their rights and the recovery of our territory, usurped by the state and settlers in this country...


Jaime Marileo Saravia
Mapuche Community Cacique José Guiñon ...


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