Thursday, May 9, 2013


Temuko, territory of the country of the Mapuche, April 6, 2013

We have held today a massive mobilization of Mapuche in Temuko, convened three days ago, in order to express our condemnation and denunciation of recent massive raids perpetrated by Chilean police to various communities particularly the LOF of Trapilwe and Mawizache in Freire and demanding the release of our political prisoners.

1. We denounce the criminal and
illegal acts committed by the Police Department of Chile (PDI) under the Chilean Interior Ministry, against more than a dozen of our homes and families in the early hours of Tuesday April 30, in the communities of Trapilwe and Mahuidache in the district of Freire. In this outrage they not only abused children, women and elderly but they also stole money, spices, clothing and agricultural tools of the Mapuche people who work the land for a living. We demand justice from the courts against these assaults on our fundamental human rights. Therefore we have presented a Recourse of Protection.

2. We urgently call on the institutions of defense, protection and promotion of human rights abroad (Chilean and international) to speak out with speed and crystal clarity against the abuses that occurred in recent days and were widely disseminated, otherwise we declare them openly complicit in the genocidal actions of the Chilean government. We, the affected, have a special interest in hearing the voices of entities that -according to their declarations- have as their mission to look out for the human rights, the rights of have as their mission to look out for the human rights, cultural, linguistic, educational of the boys and girls in circumstances that the PDI have removed educational materials from the interior of homes and tortured Mapuche school children.

3. We demand freedom for our Weichafe Braulio Neculman and Miguel Painevilo as well as for the grassroots leader Jorge Painevilo. They are persecuted simply for exercising the Mapuche right to the land and for leading the public opposition against the invading megaproject called "Airport Quepe ". 

4. Finally, we state that this massive convocation on the streets of Temuco today, reflects the Mapuche capabilities to organize itself in Wallmapu which will grow. This will soon summon new communities and grassroots organizations in order to present a common political approach on the future of our people, with the support of our youth.

Lof Trapilwe-Mawidache - Mapuche Territorial Alliance PuLofMapuXawvn

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