Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Mapuche students arrested in raid at Student Home Lawen Mapu, Chile

In a new and disproportionate raid on Mapuche Student Home Lawen Mapu, located in the commune of Padres Las Casas, Temuco heavily armed personnel of the PDI raided the students, and arrested the leader Antonio Licanqueo Painen and Orlando Cayul Colihuinca (from the Mapuche community Autonomous Temucuicui). They have also taken large quantities of possessions of the inhabitants of the home, including their computers and belongings.

The PDI seized the computer of Antonio Licanqueo (Where he has his thesis). EYE: The PDI has no evidence of the involvement of these Mapuche in any unlawful act,
they took them prisoner for being a leader (Antonio Licanqueo) and for belonging to a Mapuche community (Orlando Cayul Colihuinca), for the above they are accused of alleged involvement in burning machinery near Puente Cautin.

The Mapuche Public Defense which supports the defense of Orlando Cayul, estimates that the Prosecution does not have sufficient evidence to prove that the Young College Student is the author of burning machinery in Puente Cautin on the Early Morning of May 16. The Prosecution argues the thesis that he is the author and they have eight protected witnesses who would imply Cayul in the acts of which they are accusing him.

The case which the Prosecution maintains against Cayul would be: ARSON SERVING AS THE AUTHOR, and there are presumed to exist 3 other unidentified culprits.

The investigation process against Orlando Cayul, University Student, 23, will last 30 days as the Judge Marcia Castillo resolved to leave him in Preventive Detention during this period.


To the Wallmapu and international public opinion:

At 17:55 hours today May 16, 2013, a raid was made by the PDI on the premises of the MAPUCHE UNIVERSITY HOME LAWEN MAPU of Padre las Casas, due to our members being accused of participating in the burning of na drilling machine which occurred in the morning hours in the New Bridge of the River Cautín.
After hours of harassment, with identity checks and various types of harassment by PDI they proceeded to raid leaving a balance of two detainees:
The leader Antonio Licanqueo Painen and Orlando Cayul Colihuinca, for their alleged involvement in the incident described above. Faced with this affront by the Chilean State, we declare the following:

Kiñe: That our peñi were detained without satisfactory proof of their guilt in the events described above.

Epu: That the raid was carried out by more than 80 soldiers, without explaining the reason for this and without showing a search warrant issued from the respective police court, although this was requested by members of the Home. Our leader Antonio Licanqueo was arrested for failure to provide information about all members of the Home, his resistance due to the absence of the respective order.

Küla: That the Chilean State continues to persecute our peñi even outside their communities, restricting their chances of entrepreneurship, as in the case of our peñi Cayul of the Community of Autonomous Temucuicui, to the place of whom they went at once.

Meli: This state intimidation is only and exclusively meant to make us abandon the fight and support from the city to the communities in resistance throughout the Wallmapu.

Kechu: We will not stop supporting our pu peñi ka pu lamgen who are resisting in the various Lof Wallmapu, more strongly than ever we will help and support them in their struggle.

Kayu: We will no longer accept Chilean state interference in our territorial space, we will fight to the bitter end.
With the strength of our Kuifikeche we will resist and keep fighting and supporting the different territorial demands in our Wallmapu!!

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