Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mapuche relates how his family was tortured by Chilean police during raid on Mawizache

Testimony of Eulogio Painevilo-cousin of the Mapuche political prisoner Jorge Painevilo-attacked in his home by the civil police in Chile in the territory Mapuche (LOF) Mawizache in Freire during the massive raid on Tuesday, April 30, 2013.

I did not yet wake up, it was about five o'clock when I perceived that my yard was filled with many vehicles that arrived. Immediately they opened the door of my house with blows and they shone on us all with spotlights and I was dragged outside, I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back and they threw me to the ground where they began to interrogate me, with shouts and blows, about arms that I had to hand over to them immediately, otherwise I would have to face the consequences...  

At that that moment they were holding me at about 20 meters from my house when I noticed the large number of vehicles that surrounded my house, but the biggest impotence I was feeling was at the screams and cries of my children aged 5 and 6 years from within my house... 
In that way they responded to the shouted questions of the police, who threatened to kill their father if they did not say where I was hiding the weapons.

Another group was in my shed, from which threw out four hundred bales (400) because we are working people. Everything was thrown out while it was about to rain and they kept me handcuffed outside until they threw me into the back of one of the pick-up trucks.

I told them to simply inspect and search, but that I did not have weapons, and they threw down everything, crockery, pots, furniture, they turned over the beds,
even the kids backpacks they use for school they destroyed. My wife and children are now unable to sleep because of the trauma.

For nearly five hours I was handcuffed and powerless to do anything to defend my family, especially my children who suffered psychological abuse. Therefore, I appeal to the defenders of life, those who solidarize with our People, the people of good conscience, to help me expose this human rights abuse of my children and my wife and all the people of my territory, rather than for myself.  

Later I was released and no weapons were found, what they did take were cell phones, a pike, and cash like in all homes that are raided.

This Thursday on May 2 we will meet at the ruka of the LOF Xapilwe at 11 am with all who want to show solidarity and help in the complaint and protection our communities. 

Chaltu pu Peñi pu Lamgen.  


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