Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mapuche Community Wente Winkul Mapu reaffirms its absolute support for its Werkén Daniel Melinao, Chile

April 28, 2013


The Community Wente Winkul Mapu of Chekenko, Ercilla, informs the Mapuche
People-Nation, their Organizations, the Social Organizations and the Public Opinion in general the following:

Kiñe: We stand resolutely behind our Werkén Daniel Melinao, since we are certain of his absolute innocence and understand fully that this is a new political-mediatrical-policial-Judicial setup, seeking to blame our Traditional Authority for the death of policeman Albornoz, hiding the true cause of his death which is framed within the violent repression of State Terrorism in a new incursion mandated by the Ministry of the Interior and exercised by the police, who heavily armed again entered Mapuche Territory, shooting wildly, and this officer was hit and mortally wounded by friendly fire by his fellow officers.

Epu: We insist that this is part of a setup, which has been prepared with the support of state authorities, as part of a rematch in the charge of the prosecution which has failed to blame us for the lies we were charged with, and in collaboration with the police and especially with the General Bezmalinovic, who has had over a year to forge this show, especially with the experience and previous responsibility in the death of Jaime Mendoza Collio, which has left his soldiers in utter impunity , and we insist that they are lying again. The state wants to distort our struggle by confusing the public opinion.

Kila: We manifest publicly that we stand surety for Our Werkén, since he has been an outstanding leader, mindful of our struggle, our Admapu, our culture and consistent with the exercising the reclamations of the collective rights of our people usurped by the state and its institutions. For the same reason he will keep his position and although he is a political prisoner he will continue to be Our Werkén.

Meli: We also reject the arrest of the Werkén Luis Melinao and the Lonko Victor Queipul, of the Community Temucuicui Autonomous, during the formalization of the Werkén Daniel Melinao, because it simply constitutes bullying and under any excuse they want to accuse, arrest and prosecute our peñi to make them pass through the torture of their cells, so they are bullied having to sign every so often or paying their outrageous fines.

Kechu: For the foregoing, it is that we will make constantly massive visits as a Community to the Prison of Angol just like we did today, and we extend the call to all Mapuche communities, social organizations, supportive people and organizations for Human Rights to come to us and learn directly about the reality that afflicts our imprisoned Werkén and Pu Kona with other imprisoned peñi in the Module for Mapuche Political Prisoners of the Prison of Angol. The visits are every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 16 pm.   

We call to remain vigilant, as the Chilean government has started a real hunt for Mapuche traditional authorities, as demonstrated by the arrests of Pu Lonko, Pu Machi, Pu Werkén ka Pu Kona and they will continue to persecute all who raise the banner of Resistance of our Mapuche Nation.

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