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Photographic memorial tour of the last minutes of Jaime Mendoza Collío, yougn Mapuche chased and shot in the back by Chilean police

Newen peñi Mendoza Collío

Jaime Mendoza Collío, a young Mapuche, is chased for several kilometers before being killed, shot in the back. The author of his death was identified, accused, prosecuted, found guilty and later acquitted by the military Court. His family has come along a long way of pain and anguish for almost four years in the fight to demand justice. 
On August 12, 2009, the community "Rekem Pillán", located 20 kilometers south of Collipulli, entered peacefully an estate called San Sebastian - as part of their fight for territorial recuperation. In those years this area was fully planted with pines and eucalyptus trees property of two companies: Mininco and Arauco. Special Forces of the militarized police proceeds to violently evict them, firing tear gas and buckshot bullets against entire families, many were injured and arrested. Several community members are pursued for more than 4 kilometers under constant gunfire. Before coming to a channel that divides two farms, Corporal Miguel Jara Muñoz shoots Jaime Mendoza Collio of 24 years in the back killing him. Police try to misrepresent the episode but the deception is discovered, indicating that the evidence was altered to make it appear that the officer had been attacked with gunfire. Finally corporal Jara is sentenced to five years in jail which subsequently is revoked by the military appeals court. At nearly four years of Jaime Mendoza´s death we visit and remember with his family the last moments of life of the Weichafe.
An intimate and painful emotion-laden path.

Photography and texts: Fernando Lavoz (AFI Santiago)
For several years the Mendoza Collio family has had to travel every Tuesday to the courts of Santiago to attend the trial.
The mother of Jaime Mendoza Collío outside the courts in Santiago.
The community Rekem Pillán located in Ercilla near Collipulli, to which Jaime Mendoza Collío belonged.
The sister of Weichafe Mendoza Collio on lands of the Estate San Sebastian where the community members were gathered peacefully when they were evicted in August 2009.
Jaime Mendoza Collío is chased for several kilometers before he is killed by a shot in the back. In the photo the father of the Weichafe walks the places where his son passed before his death.
In August 2009 the Community Requem Pillan mobilizes for the recovery of their ancestral lands. A rural bus stop still retains the graffiti made ​​by Weichafe Jaime Mendoza Collio.
That day they entered the premises peacefully, they did no damage and neither did they assault the police. In the photo we see where Jaime is violently arrested by Special Forces along with several other community members.
Jaime Mendoza Collio breaks free from the hands of corporal Miguel Jara Muñoz and there begins a chase of nearly four kilometers down this road and trough the middle of the fields.
They were pursued for more than four kilometers under constant gunfire. They crossed several inhabited plots. There were many witnesses.

Before crossing the channel Jaime Mendoza Collio is shot in the back by corporal Miguel Jara Muñoz causing his death. In the photo we see the spot where the Weichafe falls.
Bringing to mind that day is always a painful exercise. The father and sister of Jaime on the site of the murder.
Across the canal stands a memorial that marks the spot where Jaime Mendoza Collio was killed.
Jaime Mendoza Collio, young Mapuche, is pursued for several kilometers before being shot dead in the back. The author of his death was identified, charged and penalized only to be acquitted by the military court. His family has traveled for almost four years along a long road of pain and struggles to demand justice.
Cemetery of the community Rekem Pillán where the remains of Jaime Mendoza Collío rest.
The tomb of Mendoza Collio in the cemetery of the community Pillán Rekem.
Jaime Facundo Mendoza Collio, born April 26, 1985, and killed by agents of the State of Chile on 12 August 2009 in Mapuche territory.
We leave his grave behind but his memory is still alive in each Mapuche and in every corner of the Wallmapu.
"The struggle continues". Graffiti made by Jaime Mendoza Collío hours before his murder. Now with Alex Lemún and Matías Catrileo Now with Alex Lemún and Matias Catrileo, he is an example for young Weichafe who stand up every day to defend their land and their rights.

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