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The preparation of Oral Trial against Mapuche minors accused under Anti-Terrorism Act starts monday May 13, Chile

Luis Marileo Cariqueo
Patricio Quiepul Millanao
Published on May 13, 2013 by adkimvn

Today, Monday May 13, 2013, in the Court of Warranty Victoria of the city of, at 9 o'clock AM, began the preparation of oral trial against the minors Juan Patricio Queipul Millanao and Luis Marileo Cariqueo, two of the four minors who were formalized under the law on Terrorist Behaviors by the prosecution of Chile. These minors are members of the Mapuche communities Temucuicui Autonomous and Cacique José Guiñon.

Both minors are accused in the case called "Toll Quino" which occurred in 2009 and where the public prosecutor charged a total of 9 Mapuche on charges of terrorist conspiracy, repeated terrorist attempted murder, armed robbery and arson and where there have already been acquitted all 7 adults, after a trial before the Oral Criminal Court of Angol, Docket No. 58-2012.

History of abuse against the minor Juan Patricio Queipul Millanao

It should be remembered that this minor has a history of facts that victimize him for violent incidents on the part of the police and police investigations, which led him to declare himself clandestine.

In 2006 while on his way with another child under 11 years, when they heard heavy gunfire as their community was being raided, they ran in terror to the hills to avoid being hit by bullets from the special forces, remaining lost until late into the night in precarious health condition and the early stages of hypothermia.

Later on Tuesday, November 30, 2007 at about 17 pm, when he was 12 years old, he was admitted to the Health-center in Ercilla with seven pellets in his body fired by riot police with shotguns, while he was driving animals of his family within the grounds belonging to the Community Ignacio Queipul Millanao, which impacted on his chest, leg and hands. Despite the severity of his injuries, police abandoned him on the ground.

The most serious incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, December 4, 2008, when members of the Investigative Police arrested the boy and his cousin in the hills of the former Alaska estate and took them to Traiguén, where he spent two days and one night and without the police having notified relatives in a timely manner, and even less having returned them to their home. Once free, the minor told that he was kicked by the police while on the ground, in the ribs and stomach. Subsequently they blindfolded him.

For this latest episode, his uncle and of the Community Lonko Victor Queipul, filed an appeal before the Court of Appeals in that the court rejected Temuko but it acknowledged serious contradictions between the actions by police and prosecutors.

Wall Mapuche, Ercilla Monday May 13, 2013.


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