Tuesday, October 1, 2013

PUBLIC STATEMENT by Luis Marileo Cariqueo and Leonardo Quijón, young Mapuche Political Prisoners from the prison of Angol, Chile

Angol, September 30, 2013


Luis Marileo Cariqueo and Leonardo Quijón, Mapuche Political Prisoners from the prison of Angol, inform the Mapuche people and the national and international public opinion the following:

Kiñe: We've been in this prison of Angol, one year and one month, accused of the murder of settler Hector Gallardo Aillapan, a crime for which we declare ourselves innocent. Our prison is due to the political persecution that the state has imposed on us since we were children.

Epu: Despite the time that has passed and the dates established by the Prosecution to begin our process of trial, it has been postponed time and again, revealing the setup created by the government and entrepreneurs in collusion with the prosecution. This is nothing more than a setup that they have not yet been able to prepare in such a way that that it shows our participation in the events.

Küla: Despite our utter innocence, we are still prisoners, away from our families, our children. We stress that, from the very beginning, we have been in favor of transparency in this case, we deeply regret that the Gallardo family lets itself be manipulated by the State, the Entrepreneurs and the money, leaving aside the important thing, which is to clarify this homicide.

Meli: Our hands and consciences are clean and therefore we demand that the Prosecution respects its own laws and meets the deadlines they set for themselves, for the resumption of our judicial process. We demand a fair and transparent trial, as is our right.

We call on all the Mapuche and non-Mapuche people that recognize and believe in the struggle of our people, to join us and together demand the resumption of our judicial process, when getting a negative response, we do not rule out actions to enforce the legal terms.

Stop the setups and persecution of the Mapuche people who fight for their territorial  liberation!
Luis Marileo Cariqueo
Leonardo Quijón
Mapuche Political Prisoners

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