Monday, October 7, 2013

Simplified Oral Trial against Ernesto Chachallo Painemil, Mapuche community member of Yeupeco, is suspended, Chile

October 3, 2013

This October 1 the simplified trial hearing against Mapuche community member of Yeupeco, Ernesto Chachallao Painemil, should have take place at the Court of Warranty in Temuco. However, at the request of counsel for the Government of Chile, Javier Jara Müller, who argued that he could not count with his witnesses in order to develop the theory of the case by the complainant, the hearing was suspended until next December 4th at 10:00 am.

The acts for which he is charged date back to July 6 of 2012, where three community members were arrested in the middle of a major operation into the former estate Santa Margarita, today the Mapuche community Yeupeko Katrileo. Such was the deployment of the police that they even used an institutional helicopter. At the time of arrest the Mapuche were forced to kneel on the ground and filmed, to later display the images on television. 
At that time the three community members were formalized for the crime of attempted murder against police and held in preventive detention  for more than four months. 

After that the Public Ministry required the community members only for the crime of usurpation. At the hearing of the trial preparation the were offered the possibility of an alternative solution, which was accepted by the three community members who should fulfill certain conditions for a year.

However, the day after the conditional release, Public Prosecutor Ernesto arrested Chachallao for the crime of receiving a "saucepan" which presumably would have belonged to a member of the family Luchsinger. For which the benefit is revoked and the process continues its normal course.  

It should be noted that the Public Ministry again offered an alternative outlet with a reparatory agreement to put an end to the cause, consisting of a public apology by the Mapuche community member towards the owner of the Natre estate, which he refused, therefore he will face the simplified trial to demonstrate his innocence.

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