Friday, October 11, 2013

Three of five members of the Mapuche Autonomous Community Temucuicui arrested yesterday durin massive police raid are held in Pretrial detention

Wall Mapuche Temucuicui, October 10, 2013

Transferred to the jail of Angol were three of the five community members arrested yesterday after the huge police operation in which police forces destroyed virtually everything in its path and, especially productive community plantings within the estates Nilontraro, La Romana and Montenegro usurped by René Urban and Ruf and Zeit, lands claimed by the Communities Autonomous & Traditional Temucuicui, where they also seized tools and other belongings of those who had built houses on the lands and ran over a flock of sheep killing at least 15 animals and injuring many others.

Felipe Huenchullan, Hugo Queipul and Carlos Arzola were imprisoned pending the formalization to be held tomorrow in Collipulli, while the Lonko Victor Queipul and the Werken Jorge Huenchullan were released but also have to present themselves tomorrow, as they will be formalized for allegedly covering up the flight of the other three community members who are accused of attempted murder against police officers, all this as a result of the extension of detention at the request of the Public Prosecutor's Office pending the outcome of the forensic tests which yesterday were forcefully carried out by LABOCAR. 

The racism, the arrogance and the setups are tools endorsed by the police institutions and accepted by the courts of justice, we are the ones who were attacked on our land, battered and wounded, we are the ones who were arrested, handcuffed, tortured and also defamed by the State's terrorism said Lonko Victor Queipul at the moment of regaining his freedom outside the Court of Warranty of the City of Collipulli, where several Mapuche communities involved in Territorial Recovery processes came to show support.

The procedures that were carried out by the police forces of the Militarized Police in the second police station of the city of Collipulli yesterday with all detainees were marked by irregularities. 

It all started with the control of the car of Werken Jorge Huenchullan at about 16:30, yesterday, at the time they were on their way to the city of Ercilla to attend the wounds of Felipe Huenchullan who was injured as a result of the actions of the Militarized Police during the violent raid, at that moment, and for the second time, the Militarized Police controlled the vehicle, here the Militarized Police noticed that inside the car Felipe Huenchullan was traveling. Immediately under threats and severe beatings all occupants were forced out of the car, later they were all arrested and taken to the second police station of the city of Collipulli, where they spent the whole night.

Around 17:30 The injuries of all detainees were documented, here, without realizing they were observed, a policeman called the doctor on duty and instructed him on the contents of his report of the injuries, especially those of Felipe Huenchullan and Victor Hugo Queipul
18:00 The attorneys reviewed the conditions under which the detainees are held, it is reported by the chief of the Militarized Police that they were arrested for concealing their identity, but that will all be released in the course of the afternoon. (Information provided to lawyers and family)
19:00 A minor was released  
19:30 As a result of the information provided the lawyers and staff of the Institute from Human Rights withdraw 
19:30 Prosecutor Luis Chamorro arrives, who had requested the court to let carry out forensic tests by LABOCAR of the Militarized Police on the bodies and clothes of all detainees, without lawyers but with the prosecutor present, with heavy beatings, the prisoners are removed from the cells one by one, with obvious cries of pain from the blows that they receive, and the forensic tests were forcefully performed on them
Family warn the lawyers Nelson Miranda and Ricardo Caceres by telephone of what was happening inside the police station to the detainees, subsequently the lawyers notified the judge who immediately communicated with the captain of the Militarized Police of the station, who blatantly denied all that was happening, it should be noted that this whole procedure was performed in the presence of the Prosecutor Luis Chamorro.

Finally all family members who were inside were forced to leave the waiting room of the police station, without knowing more details of the state of health of the detainees, it should be recalled that two traditional authorities of the Mapuche People were being tortured.  

Public Statement about the massive police raid and imprisonment of our people

Faced with the massive police raid and the imprisonment of our people the Mapuche Community
Autonomous states to the local, national and international public opinion the following: 

1. - Yesterday, Wednesday October 9, 2013, there were two serious acts of violence by the Chilean repressive state apparatus, who once again have violated our rights and tranquility of the Community by the eruption, raid and violent militarization of our lands, raiding and destroying all goods and crops that we have on the premises which we have called in productive recovery and territorial control of our ancestral land, now held by settlers.

2. - Following the heavy militarization and fixed points which were installed at all entrances to the community, thus violating again the legitimate right to free movement, were violently arrested 6 people members of our community in a supposed vehicle control, Traditional Authority Lonko Victor Queipul Huaiquil, Werken Jorge Huenchullan, Victor Hugo Queipul Millanao, Carlos Arzola Caro and Felipe Huenchullan, who today were presented to the Court of Assurance of the City of Collipulli, the Lonko and the Werken being set free, while the other three members of the community were transferred to the prison in Angol, who will be formalized on the charge of "attempted murder" to policemen tomorrow Thursday 11 at 10 hours AM.

3. - With this serious and violent police attack is clearly demonstrated that there is no political nor administrative will on the part of the Chilean government to meet the demands of our community. The "will for dialog" that they supposedly have stated, is no more than a historical practice of deception and manipulation to the Mapuche people, because our community will continue asserting our legitimate right to land and usurped territory. We regret that government authorities have not been able to resolve our demands and only have responded with severe repression and abuse of our people and our Traditional Authorities militarizing and besieging our community completely.

4. - The arrest and subsequent imprisonment of our people, responds exclusively to the systematic practices of abuse and repression that exist towards legitimately mobilized Mapuche communities. With the imprisonment of our brothers they try to justify and hide the massive operation of police aggression towards our community, using the judicial power at all levels, judges, prosecutors and police officers who orchestrate and manipulate at will political and judicial setups with the aim to distort our legitimate demands for land and the usurped Mapuche territory.
Lonko Víctor Queipul Huaiquil      
Werken Jorge Huenchullan Cayul
Werken Luis Toris Quiñinao

Community Temucuicui Autonomous

Trial update:

By Jorge Alvaro Huenchullan Cayul:  
Urgent:  ALL ACQUITTED!!!!
All Mapuche brothers from the community Temucuicui Autonomous, the Lonko Victor Queipul, the Werken Jorge Huenchullan, Felipe Huenchullan, Carlos Arzola and Victor Hugo Queipul, all accused of attempted murder against police are acquitted!! We won!! MARRICHIWUEUUU!!!!

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