Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ben Emmerson, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations meets with representatives of Mapuche communites, Chile

Monday, July 22, 2013

Marri marri pu peñi, pu lamuen ka kom mapuche.

This afternoon we had the opportunity to meet with Ben Emmerson, Special Rapporteur of the United Nations, within the framework of the visit which this high human rights ombudsman makes to the Mapuche territory, because of the monitoring and reporting that he performs on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the global fight against terrorism.

Our Werken Luis Melinao, accompanied by representatives of the Community Cacique José Guiñon, exposed to the Special Rapporteur the various situations of violations of human rights in our country, which directly affects directly the family life and our homes, the rights of our children, women, the elderly and men being violated, without the repression differentiating between age, sex or guilt or innocence in the setups that the prosecution constructs against our members, and how in different ways the State's terrorism is effectively implemented in our militarized lands. There was also a brief report attached and images taken by the community members themselves.

Also the disproportionate arrests violent raids were mentioned, as well as the setups and lack of due process that keep many of our social activists in the political prison. Considering this, is why it was proposed to make a visit to the prison in Angol, which will take place in the coming days.

We hope that these reports will be considered so that the State check the abuse by police which with impunity is exercised by the PDI and militarized police and that the important judicial victories be considered, that resulted in several of our peñi being acquitted.

Community Wente Winkul Mapu, Chekenko Mapu mew.

Werken Luis Melinao 7731 94 74

Letter handed over to Special Rapporteur Emmerson by Community Cacique José Guiñon 

Tuesday July 23, 2013, by Commission of Communications / / Campaign to Free All Political Prisoners Mapuche

Today, together with Wente Winkul Mapu, and waiting for a resolution condemning the Chilean State for persecution and repression of the Mapuche People

Chequenco, Wallmapu, July 20, 2013

Mr Ben Emmerson Special Rapporteur promoting and protecting human rights.

From the Community Cacique José Guiñon, located in the sector Chequenco-San Ramon in the commune of Ercilla, we want to give some insights emerged from our own reality, as Mapuche seriously affected in our human rights.

Our Community consists of about 30 families, with an average of 4 members per household, who since 1989 have undertaken a process of ancestral territorial claims, claiming 3000 acres of land, for trustworthy historical and legal backgrounds, which have been usurped by the Chilean State, in favor of forestry companies or individuals. 

In this struggle to regain our territory we have suffered constant repression by the Chilean State, through the actions of the police and local prosecutors from Collipulli and the courts, having to suffer constant and brutal raids, prosecution and imprisonment of many of our community members.

Among the setups that we have been involved in, is the so-called "case Poluco-Pidenco", for which were convicted Jaime and Patricio Saravia Marileo to 10 years in prison for terrorist arson, a sentencing which today is challenged before the Court of Justice, whose judgment against the Chilean State is soon to be issued. In the same way were imprisoned for a long period Jorge Marimán Loncomilla and Luis Marileo Cariqueo , also because of the Anti-Terrorism Act, Jorge Marimán recently being acquitted  with costs against the Public Ministry and Luis Marileo still waiting, after more than two years to make his trial, as a minor.

To date our peñi Jaime Marileo Saravia and Jorge Mariman Loncomilla await in freedom, the development of a new trial for a crude setup against them. Prosecutors sought 15 years imprisonment against them. Also Luis Marileo Cariqueo, 21, is imprisoned for 11 months at the prison in Angol, pending a trial in which he is accused of murder. There are other cases, constant and multiple, in which members of our community have been brought to trial, and in most cases are acquitted after long periods in prison, without any compensation from the state. These processes being carried forward, clearly, only by political pressure from government and forestry companies and large landowners.

Our life, in addition to poverty and overcrowding is completely limited by the militarization of our territory. Hundreds of police, special forces and Gope from militarized police and tactical response group ERTA of the Police Department, control and intimidate us on the roads, in our homes and even in our children's schools. So we suffer a double violation of our human rights by the state, they criminalize us for our fair territorial claims through endless lawsuits brought forward by the prosecution and, on the other hand, they persecute and repress us with their police forces.

The justification to support this repression against us has been based on the alleged defense of individuals who would suffer violence in the area. The truth is that these same individuals, through their spokesman, pointed to the government as responsible at delaying the purchase and return of land to its original owners. These private owners of the zone of Chequenco-San Ramon expressing clearly their total willingness to sell their lands.

We fight for a decent life, as Mapuche, nothing more, nothing less, that dignified life according to our culture and beliefs only makes sense in relation to our Ñuke Mapu (Mother Earth), for which our people since always have had a deep respect and from which it receives its sustenance, so we will not allow it to be further damaged. That is the deeper meaning of our struggle to regain our ancestral lands.

We have heard of your visit to our area just today, we were not informed in advance, despite being one of the communities hardest hit by the repression. We had no prior opportunity to send you information directly, it would have made your visit more useful, even less we had the chance to ask you to visit our community or our political prisoners who are in poor conditions in the prison of Angol.

From here we extend the invitation so you can know directly our true situation, which is distorted by ignorance of the Chilean

We do not need interpreters or intermediaries to publicize our reality, we have enough maturity, independence and dignity to express our demands ourselves.

Community Cacique José Guiñon


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