Friday, July 12, 2013

Public Statement by Werkén Daniel Melinao, Mapuche Political Prisoner in Angol, Chile

Werkén Daniel Melinao encourages continued productive land recoveries and to continue towards the national liberation of the Mapuche
Public Statement, July 9, 2013

To our Mapuche People-Nation, to the communities in resistance and the national and international public opinion:

I, Daniel Melinao Melinao, werkén of the community Wente Winkul Mapu, Lof Chequenco, sequestered by the Chilean state in the prison of Angol, state:

Kiñe: That on Monday July 8, anti-Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro brought against me two new charges in connection with the investigation into the death of Sergeant Hugo Albornoz. According to Chamorro, I would have participated in an alleged attempted murder against a police captain and in causing less serious injuries against a second uniformed officer, both events occurred, supposedly, on April 2, 2012, the day of the raid during which sergeant Albornoz died.

Epu: This serves no other end than to justify the political-judicial setup of the Public Ministry and the police against me and the community Wente Winkul Mapu. Special mention deserves the paranoia of which the anti-Mapuche prosecutor is suffering, who, given the lack of evidence against me has decided to launch a new attack to keep me in custody and silence the struggle being conducted by our community.

Kila: To justify the new formalizations, prosecutor Chamorro requested a report on injuries from the Legal Medical Service on May 25, 2013, ie 15 months after the raid that ended with the death of Sergeant Albornoz. The above shows the political persecution against me, because this procedure shows that the prosecutor Chamorro lacks any principle of objectivity, because after more than a year of research and nearly three months of my imprisonment, he only recently requested alleged evidence that I would be involved in these two new offenses.
Meli: In the same way, this new legal stage aims to increase the hunt against peñi Eric Montoya, who Chamorro indicates as the direct perpetrator of the death of Sergeant Albornoz. However, all these fantasies can only persist in the mind of a racist and biased  prosecutor, since in the investigation folder there does not exist anything that indicated any relations of peñi Eric with the death of the Sergeant and therefore, much less that he would be involved in the attempted murder and the injuries that the other two uniformed officers would have suffered.

Kechu: As werkén of the community Wente Winkul Mapu, I reaffirm my innocence as as well as that of the peñi Eric Montoya, who resists with dignity in clandestinity. We believe that this re-formalization is the result of the failure of the prosecutor Chamorro, who has been unable to carry out an objective investigation to clarify the facts on April 2, 2012, despite the collaboration provided by me as werkén and by our community.

Kayu: From the prison of Angol, I send a fraternal greeting to all Lof in resistance. I urge them to continue the productive recoveries and to continue paving the way for the national liberation of the Mapuche People. To not receive crumbs from the state, to strengthen the self-management and autonomy processes.

Regle: Finally, in my capacity as werkén, I express my total rejection of the forestry offensive intended, with the extension of 20 years on Pinochet forest decree 701, to double the number of hectares of pine and eucalyptus existing in south central Chile , with a marked emphasis on our Wall Mapu, which has meant the deterioration of our lands and the disappearance of many waterways.



Daniel Melinao, prison of Angol, July 9, 2013

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