Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chilean Prosecution presents two new charges against Werkén Daniel Melinao

Source: http://paismapuche.org/?p=7299
July 8, 2013

In what could be termed as a new chapter in the dramatic film directed by Luis Chamorro, this Monday in the Court of Collipulli was held a hearing to review the preventive detention of the Werkén of Wente Winkul Mapu, Daniel Melinao.

In it, the fantasist anti-Mapuche prosecutor, along with asking for more time to investigate the death of Sergeant Hugo Albornoz, also extended the formalization of the
Mapuche leader of Chequenco. 

Although in the former he did not do so well and the deadline inexorably closes next July 25, what is striking is the re-formalization of Daniel Melinao. And that Chamorro now not only accuses him of being "coauthor" of Albornoz's death, but that he also blames him for the serious and less serious injuries to two other officers who had been wounded that day. Of course the Legal Medical Service report on the injuries of the policemen was asked recently on the 25th of May, that is to say: more than a year after the event.

Recall that with respect to the mortal wound the policeman received, the institution widely reported that it would have occurred on a road, where they were ambushed, while the community has said that the incident occurred in the yard of a home, away from any route and in the midst of incidents caused by the irruption by several groups of police in various sectors of the community. This thesis was followed and confirmed by the expert investigations made ​​by the PDI.

Irregular process

To the lack of concrete evidence and the poor thoroughness with which the process is undertaken, we must add that the prosecutor Chamorro is found acting as persecutor and victim at the same time, since he would have been in charge of the operation that violently raided the community on the day of the incident.

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