Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Public statement by Luis Marileo Cariqueo, young Mapuche Political Prisoner, from the prison of Angol, Chile

July 30, 2013

We inform the Mapuche nation and the national and international public opinion, that once again our peñi Luis Marileo Cariqueo, has been the victim of the persecution that the Chilean State has maintained against him as a consequence of the territorial recovery process that his Community Cacique José Guiñon has led for years.

Luis Marileo Cariqueo young Mapuche political prisoner in custody for 11 months in the prison of Angol, wrongly accused of a crime he did not commit, today, Tuesday July 30, 2013 at 7.00 am. Has been transferred to the city of Temuco, heavily guarded, shackled hand and foot for over 8 hours to the DIPOLCAR offices of the Chilean militarized police.

This surprising move is highly irregular, as there was no prior notice to his lawyer and neither did it obey to a court order.

This irregular situation, that obeys the interests and whims of the Anti- Mapuche Prosecutor Luis Chamorro, sought to obtain his footprints and body impressions in general, brazenly offering new shoes in exchange for the shoes he wore, to continue inventing their crass setups, this time wanting to involve our peñi in an arson attack which occurred several months ago.

Luis Marileo Cariqueo flatly states that he will never allow any agency of the Chilean State and its cops to take fingerprints or some body examination, knowing well that the Mapuche people have been harassed and criminalized for years by corrupt and improper judicial proceedings
, as the Chilean Justice obeys its bosses of the multinationals and large landowners.

Luis Marileo Cariqueo




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