Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mapuche Political Prisoners from Rayen Mapu were acquitted in one case they re facing

Source: http://paismapuche.org/?p=7304

July 8, 2013

Two members of the Community Rayen Mapu of Lof Lolokos were found innocent of the charges brought against them in one case that the Chilean government uses to intimidate the struggle of its people.

The Mapuche community member Cristian Levinao Melinao thanks the massive support he received along with Juan Levinao, during the trial that took place in Collipulli, where he was accompanied by communities and traditional authorities.

Despite being acquitted in this case, Cristian Levinao currently remains imprisoned in the jail of Angol, accused of the burning of the house of a settler in another setup articulated by the prosecution.

The young Mapuche sends his greetings to all those who accompanied him, visit him, and sympathized during the process and calls for more visits to Angol prison, since they keep locked up many brothers accused of various charges for which they intended to keep them imprisoned for vindicating the rights of the Mapuche people.

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