Saturday, July 27, 2013

Militarized police raids Community Rayen Mapu seeking young Mapuche in clandestinety, Chile

July 25, 2013

On Thursday more than a dozen police vehicles loaded with troops of the Gope Special Forces attacked and the community Rayen Mapu Lof of Lolokos (Ercilla), in search of a Mapuche recently convicted by Chilean justice.

As reported by the Werken Hugo Melinao there were at least 8 trucks and about 4 armored vehicles called "skunks" that surrounded the community in search of Rodrigo Melinao, who did not appear at the hearing where he was sentenced to more than five years in prison for alleged "damage" to the forestry company Cautín.

Since then, the young community member resists in clandestinity and according to what was said by the leaders of Rayen Mapu, he will not be handed over and he will be protected by his people "because the trial demonstrated that the interests of the forestries stand above the rights of Mapuche " said leaders.

Rodrigo Melinao and Cristián Levinao were sentenced on Wednesday for facts recorded in 2011 in the sector Chiguaihue in Ercilla, where there were recorded acts of resistance against forestry encroachment.

At the trial, 19 witnesses testified two of them "faceless" and without identity and 4 others individualized with only their initials, as alleged measure of protection, according to the prosecution.

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