Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3 villagers of lof Chequenco imprisoned for fighting for the recovery of ancestral lands

Source: http://paismapuche.org/?p=5118
September 9th, 2012

Luis Marileo, Leonardo Quijón and a minor of 17 years, all of Lof Chekenko surrendered themselves, on different days, to the civil police, to in this way stop the harassment and to avoid the threats that have been made to them to attack both their families and their communities.

The peñi(brothers) have been linked to the crime of Hector Gallardo Aillapán that occurred last September 1st of this year in the sector San Ramon de Ercilla.  
Before this fact the communities of Wente Winkul Mapu and José Guiñón have spoken, through their Werkén (spokespersons), who argued for the innocence of the three Mapuche defendants in the case.

The first to speak out against the peñi was the government through its mayor, who led, almost instantly, the accusations against the communities that have consistently maintained mobilizations for the recovery of the Territory.  Thus, as the one designated to lead the investigations is none other than the racist and anti-Mapuche Public Prosecutor Luis Chamorro, who has participated in countless cases against Mapuche community members, the Poluco Pidenco case being one of his emblematic activities in which were convicted a dozen leaders.

However, the Poluco Pidenco case was staged to try to stop the demonstrations in those years, this figure has continued to work for the prosecution against the Mapuche the communities, one of his last appearances was in the violent raid that occurred in the community Wente Winkul Mapu, where there were several peñi wounded, including the Kimche(Wise Elder) and children, one of them is the minor that is arrested in this case. Over Chamorro hangs a complaint for "excessive use of force" after that raid, because the defense demands the inability of the prosecutor to investigate the death of the settler.

The media is also playing its role in this setup, as, outside of any seriousness it makes out the brothers as guilty, that's how both the press and the radios or TV have published the news with a clear intention against the peñi. It is so blatant how the Chilean media have manipulated information, influencing with the way they treat the news, which has placed the image of the peñi Marileo on the news item of the arsenal found in the house of the landowner racist and member of the paramilitary group HERNAN TRIZANO, Jorge Octavio Temer San Martín. Well, we know who these media respond.

However, even with all the pressure that exists to blame the peñi, they have the full support of their communities, as well as of the other communities, that although they are very distant understand that this case as like the others is nothing but a continuation of the Chilean political persecution against the communities that with more force claim the ancestral territory and demand starting with Territorial control the return of Wallmapu.

The brothers Luis Marileo and Leonardo Quijón are prisoners in the jail of Temuco, together with Fernando Millacheo also of Lof Chequenco. Meanwhile Gabriel, the minor, was sent to the prison of Chol-Chol.

Today more than ever we must support the communities of these peñi, the trips to visit them are very long, they are constantly beleaguered extremely poor communities.

Statement of Luis Marileo of the community José Guiñon before surrendering to PDI


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