Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chilean State continues to imprison Mapuche youths


Chilean State continues to imprison Mapuche youths

Leonardo Quijón Pereira of the community  Chequenco and Gabriel Valenzuela Montoya of the community Winkul Mapu Wente have presented themselves voluntarily on September 3rd to the PDI of Angol to make declarations for the alleged charges of involvement in the death of a farmer. Luis Marileo of the Community Cacique José Guiñon also has just present himself to the PDI of Angol voluntarily to make his statement.

Today at the Hearing they were sent to jail for the four months of investigation. Despite his serious health condition Leonardo is imprisoned in the common jail of Temuco. Gabriel was transferred to the jail of Chol Chol. Do not forget that despite the plight of Leonardo's health, malnutrition, his leg full with pellets, with daily, constant pain and a weakened immune system, they destined him to stay in jail with common prisoners, not yet being punished or proved of having been involved in the events. The statements and press reports are vague and very different. This is a result of the systematic persecution of Mapuche youths who the Chilean state dislikes and  who the Chilean state uses their "Justice" against, to try to put out the struggle of the Mapuche people.

Leonardo is charged for allegedly attempting to burn a few pastures according to the press, for which he has to stand trial tomorrow, this is another lie, this is a simple stupidity of a neighbor who has complained because she disagrees with the life of this boy, he is innocent! He and his family have been constantly harassed. It is very important to see how these events are following one another, we must remember that this starts with the destination of Peña to the Araukania.  
The health situation of Leonardo has not progressed over two years, absolutely nothing. On his visits to doctors or emergency clinics, they say he is okay, others say that they can not do anything, the people involved in this do not provide the medical reports needed to to look for other forms of recovery.
Here it smacks of irregularities that for for the time being we have given over to some people involved in this, more regarding this soon.  
Now, I do not want to clarify everything regarding the news of the national press about the case of the farmer, you can all see that for yourselves.

It is clear that the Chilean state makes setups against the Mapuche that unfairly persecute and imprisons Mapuche youths for fighting for their rights, it is clear that the Mapuche is listed as a terrorist for fighting for life, it is clear that they want to kill the Mapuche and even more the children and young people who are the seed of life. Now they try to invent criminal cases against the youths to give yet another complexion to the fight in the reclamation process. The youths who are involved in this case of the farmer are at ease because of their innocence, but despite being innocent they are imprisoned.

Let's not stay calm, innocence does not count if one is Mapuche, an adequate defense is necessary, and for that you need financing. I tell you this as there is a campaign for the Community Wente Winkul Mapu for the financing of the defense. But as it is, Leonardo does not belong to that community and he and his family lack support for a lawyer. I call you to get active and alert on the situation of the young Mapuche. To not only expose these irregularities but also to seek urgently for ways to improve Leonardo's state of health, to get him at least transfered close to the family, where they can visit him, to make them guarantee a health care for Leonardo.
We need real support for these young people. It is not too late. We can not wait for months or years of investigations, usurping years of their lives and that later they get declared innocent.


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