Monday, September 10, 2012

PUBLIC DENUNCIATION: Silence of the ANIDE Foundation


 The injuries sustained by Leonardo from nearly 200 pellets from the police

 X-Ray of Leonardo's leg 

PUBLIC DENUNCIATION: Silence of the ANIDE Foundation regarding the financial resources granted exclusively for the health care of young Mapuche Leonardo Quijón.
September 9, 2012

To the national and international community:

In the process of health care for Leonardo Quijón there is the organization Kindernothilfe in Germany that earmarked 6000 Euros for the health care costs and nourishment of this young man for the year 2012. This was arranged with the ANIDE Foundation of Chile and only they administrate it.

Maricheweu, Association for the human rights of the Mapuche people, was invited by Kindernothilfe in Germany on May 14, 2012 where they were informed about these allocated funds and that explicitly only ANIDE was administering it for those purposes
Despite of this huge amount of money available, Leonardo lacks all appropriate medical care from 18 January 2012. Instead he has been abandoned to fend for himself.

As European organizations we have requested ANIDE on August 30 this year, to submit a detailed report on the management of the money allocated to the health of Leonardo Quijón, giving a deadline of Thursday September 6 of this year, since we have not seen good results in the recovery process of his health and Leonardo is not nor has been in agreement with the proceeding of ANIDE, and the circuses that they exposed him to.

However ANIDE has not answered anything in regard to that and prefers to ignore this request, knowing the serious health condition of this young man which is deteriorating every day. His immune system is so low that it presents an imminent danger to his life, moreover he is malnourished.

Furthermore ANIDE has blocked all information in its possession, without providing the clinical examinations, medical reports, the name of the doctor who saw to him in Santiago although Leonardo asked them for these clinical documents so as to seek other forms of health care.

We think it is irresponsible of this NGO, which says to protect the rights of children and promised to accompany Leonardo, to endanger the life of a young man who was wounded with about 200 pellets by the Chilean police in 2009 and is still suffering the consequences of this cowardly attack on his life.

We call on all conscientious people and organizations to take responsibility for the life of a human being and summon ANIDE to fulfill its promise and ask why it is not capable of giving this young man the proper attention necessary, that is facilitated by these economic resources intended exclusively for Leonardo's health, and guarantee his life
It should not be possible to use the violation of human rights to obtain funding for their own existence!

Contact ANIDE Foundation
Calle Rogelio Ugarte 1191 A, Santiago, Chile
Phones: (56-2) 555 6370

Added below, the request to the ANIDE foundation as sent on August 30, 2012.

CEDHPA H.EDELSTAM Gothenburg - Sweden

ECOMAPUCHE, Association Friendship with the Mapuche People - Italy
MARICHEWEU, Human Rights Association for the Mapuche people - Germany


Subject: Request detailed report on the expenditure of financial resources for the Health of Leonardo Quijón 30/08/2012 11:11

Dear ladies and gentlemen.

We are writing to you to express our concern for the health of Leonardo Quijón and ask for a detailed report regarding the expenditure of the financial resources earmarked
by Kindernothilfe from Germany for the benefit of the health of young Leonardo.  

We are constantly in contact with Leonardo and informed of procedures and how his health continues to develop. We see the lack of financial resources how his health continues to develop. We see the lack of financial resources for Leonardo to be able to receive appropriate health care, we know, from our direct communication, about his deteriorating health and the direct physical effects that this is causing.
It is also our understanding that in 2012 the Organization Kindernothilfe of Germany allocated 6000 Euros
through you to resolve health care costs, food and others costs that are produced in the process of recuperation of Leonardo. Considering that to date we have not seen results we come to you to seek ways to solve the issue of health and remedies granted to Leonardo Quijón.

We reiterate that before such a commitment assumed by you, and the not fulfilling of this mission, basing this assessment on direct conversations with the affected, who is not satisfied with the whole exercise, we have assumed the responsibility as civil society organizations, to oversee public resources granted from the European Union.  

You well know that in relation to this topic, the whole of European society has full rights to demand reports, assessments and details of resource utilization, and it is our right and obligation to demand that directly or publicly. As you can see, we chose the direct route. Given this position we ask you to respond before Thursday, September 6, 2012, because this is not about a process of reading and analysis, but it is about the life of a person, whose health is deteriorating dramatically and we do not want this to come to a more aggravating situation.

Yours sincerely,

CEDHPA H.EDELSTAM Gothenburg - Sweden

ECOMAPUCHE, Association Friendship with the Mapuche People - Italy

MARICHEWEU, Human Rights Association for the Mapuche people - Germany


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