Monday, September 24, 2012


The political prisoners of the community Wente Winkul Mapu of Lof Chekenco: Paulino Levipan Coyán, Daniel Levinao Montoya, Rodrigo Montoya Melinao and their spokesman Eric Montoya Montoya.
We wish to inform to the national and international public opinion 
of the following:

It being today September 23 we present the following: That we have risen with a forceful voice. That we have fought to regain the land they have taken from us, to be worthy sons of this people who with courage and blood have defended it throughout history.
 Despite discrimination and treating us as "ignorant Indians", we must say that before they arrived, we were here. Here it was our culture, here it was our language, here it was our religion, our way of survival that had nothing to do with the subjugation and exploitation of others. We are called ignorant because their greed and selfishness has prevented them to know us, and to respect a people other than their own.
Want to say that although they have us prisoners still
there keeps running through our veins the blood of warriors that they will never overcome. That the chains that we carry do not intimidate us.
We wish to reiterate that despite the discomforts of this strike and that two of us are affected by tachycardias, we will continue to defend our right with our life and we hold the Chilean State responsible, headed by President Piñera, for denying us the right to a fair trial, to the presumption of innocence and for not respecting international agreements signed to protect our people.
We will continue to defend our right to resistance, that is not only our right, but that of the children and the generations of Mapuche that will come to continue fighting for the land that they robbed.

Because neither imprisonment nor death will stop our struggle for the freedom and territory of our Mapuche Nation.
political prisoners Wente Winkul Mapu

Status information of the hunger strikers
Today September 23, 2012

HUNGER STRIKER       Starting weight       on September 23
Levipán               67,800                       59,000
Montoya            64,100                       56,300
Montoya                 65,400                       58,400
Levinao                 63,700                       53,800

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