Saturday, September 8, 2012

About the arrest and freedom of a member of paramilitary group HERNAN TRIZANO


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Public statement

About the arrest and freedom of a member of paramilitary group HERNAN TRIZANO

The autonomous Mapuche community Temucuicui, before the inequality of the Chilean courts, we issue to the local, national and international public opinion the following:

1. In the social club of the city of Victoria, on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, while conducting a meeting between private landowner in the area, including Rene Urban, who was assaulted and threatened with guns by Jorge Octavio Temer San Martín (both landowners and usurpers of Mapuche territory) the latter also mentioned publicly to be part of the paramilitary and terrorist right-wing group Commando Hernán Trizano, who was also one of those who participated in the security summit.

2. We recall that this fellow in July 2009, issued a lengthy interview in the newspaper “Las Noticias” of the city of Victoria, claiming to belong to the paramilitary group Commando Hernán Trizano, publicly threatening to kill and to blow up dynamiting several emblematic families of the Mapuche struggle, including Queipul and Huenchullan both of our community, which constitutes for us as a threat that undermines the integrity of our leaders and of a terrorist nature.

3. Our community before the public threats of this fellow, has presented different types of resources and lawsuits, being all rejected and filed by the Court of Guarantee, the Office of Public Prosecutions and military prosecution, leaving this serious crime unpunished, citing that there was no evidence to initiate any criminal action, and leaving it clear that justice is impartial, since always the Mapuche are being persecuted, claiming that we are terrorists, without evidence or arguments, this being confirmed in court decisions but in the case of some of this country's rich, with evidence, threats, with weapons of war to commit terrorist crimes or attacks, everything goes absolutely unpunished.

4. Finally and as the result of a threat against a private individual, his house was searched finding there a lot of weapons, thus being clearly demonstrated that there is indeed this paramilitary group, that the threats made earlier might have been real and the arson attacks are of their sole responsibility, which aims to blame the Mapuche communities, criminalizing and judicializing the just demands of the Mapuche people.

5. We categorically reject the attitude taken by the Chilean justice with this dangerous person, as he, despite having an arsenal of heavy caliber weapons, including assault rifles with telescopic sights for use by snipers, rocket launchers, and other weapons used exclusively by the military (neither for civilians nor for collectors) along with having assaulted and threatened with death, is released, and in this regard, in the case of arrests of Mapuche community members, justice applies in all cases the full extent of the law, applying the Anti- Terrorism Act (for alleged unlawful associations) or of State security law, and held in custody for long years, adding to the complaints and setups by the state authorities, the Home Office, the mayor, and others who do nothing more than reflect the racist trend of the political practices, which after years of processes have been dismantled, the Mapuche community members being acquitted.
6. We demand that this individual is treated in the same way as the Chilean state treats Mapuche community members, let the Anti-Terrorism law be applied, for the large amount of weapons found in working order (ready for use) and the danger that this individual poses to society, and let the government authorities speak out, not defending or justifying it, but simply fulfilling the functions that correspond to their positions.

Autonomous Mapuche Community of Temucuicui

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