Monday, September 24, 2012



Imprisoned minor from Wente Winkul Mapu speaks of the persecution against the Mapuche struggle


Mari Mari(Greetings) Peñi(Brothers) Mari Mari Lamngen(Sisters):

My name is G.V.M., a minor, Mapuche political prisoner, unjustly imprisoned in the CIP CRC Chol Chol, from September 4, 2012, accused of killing a settler in the area of ​​San Ramon, near the community to which I belong (Wente Winkul Mapu). Homicide that I would never be able to commit, as I have a rearing based on respect for nature and people. Unlike the Chilean State.

What is happening to all peñi and lamngen is a political persecution as a result of our struggle for our rights and land claims but to which the State with its repressive system responds by imprisoning us, violating the rights of children, women, in general, violating the human rights through physical and psychological abuse and its many absurd setups, that all they manage to do is move us away from our families and our territory. Territory that since ancient times has been ours, which has allowed us to live and strengthen us as a people. We ask nothing that does not belongs to us by right, by history.

The situation I'm going through is not new, since 2009 there have been Mapuche children imprisoned, this not being enough, after abuses that have left life-long consequences for many children. As in the case of my peñi Leonardo Quijón, who was acquitted of all charges that he was accused of, he was imprisoned for nearly a year, suffering from harassment by the Gendarmerie of Chile, who did not respect his health condition, with more than 200 shotgun pellets in his leg, as a result of an attack by the Carabineros. Afterwards the imprisonment of Mapuche children continued with Cristián Cayupan and Luis Marileo, who after several months in detention were acquitted of any wrongdoing and in other cases they have not found evidence to condemn them. Which shows clearly the great setup by the State, which continues to pursue and harass because today two peñis who passed through this center, are imprisoned in the prison of Temuco, accused of the same as me.

Stop militarizing our territory and violating our families. Strength for the peñi on hunger strike in Angol.  

Resisting and fight, G.V.M.

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