Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mendoza Collio - The truth is persecuted by injustice

Mendoza Collio - The truth is persecuted by injustice
We have all witnessed the shameful way that the "Chilean Justice"
has behaved in addressing the murders of Mapuche in "peacetime". We have also witnessed how the truth is distorted to shield the murders by police personnel in Mapuche territory beginning a long process by military courts, that, despite an effective investigation, end up in impunity for the perpetrators or "murderers" being reassigned within the same institution continuing their duties leisurely. Emblematic cases like Mendoza Collio, where in the past few weeks we have witnessed a real insult to justice called "the policeman Jara acquittal verdict" that, besides for Jara, is absolution for endless irregularities made by police of high commands - like General Bezmalinovic - that manipulated the events of the crime, even manufacturing false evidence. But within these scenarios there is one that many of us do not know and that has walked alongside and in silence, accompanying the pain of the victims of this criminal fact, it is that nine community members are subjected to a trial for the violent usurpation of the estate San Sebastián, among which are two brothers of the victim.

According to one of the accused, Mario Curipan Collio, they were taken prisoners a few hours before the murder of Mendoza Collio, being taken by a retention vehicle to the courthouse where on the way there were launched tear gas bombs into the interior leaving them almost unconscious, without any possibility whatsoever to move because of the cuffs that were on their hands. They spent the night in jail and the next day they heard the news of the death of the community member. Thence they are following a process that a few weeks ago was reactivated in response to the "Chilean justice": a series of protests from the family to establish the truth in the case of the murdered community member and to not let his death go unpunished. Nine people were arrested outside the community Rekem Pillan and formalized on August 12 for the violent usurpation of the estate San Sebastián, including Mendoza Collio's immediate family: his sister Mary and his brother Joel, who yesterday morning were presented to the court of Angol in order to terminate this chapter of persecution against him, but could do nothing through their lawyer Lorenzo Morales, as the owner of the estate requires the charge to be follow to the end - including a trial of the community members. The landowner wants them to publicly apologize, an act that the family and the rest of the community members flatly refuse.

According to the lawyer of the community members, Lorenzo Morales Cortes, the community members were charged with violent usurpation. After that occurrence there have already passed more than three years and under Article 247 of the Criminal Procedure Code, investigations may last only two years, therefore on Thursday September 13, 2012, they only attained the closure of the investigation, taking as evidence by the public prosecutor, a set of photographs, that say nothing of violence, and testimonies of the landowner against the lamieng(Brothers/Sisters). We continue to await the decision of the Court of Angol in these days if these facts deserve to be brought to trial. For now remains a waiting period for the community members for an end to the harassment and particularly for a return by the hands of the state through the courts in their long road to justice for Jaime Mendoza Collio.
AND AS JUSTICE IS NOT FOR HE WHO LONGS FOR IT BUT RATHER FOR HE WHO BUYS IT maybe we have a new trial against the victims of the capitalist state that does not hesitate to prosecute, imprison and kill those looking to get back what belongs to them in their own right THE LAND.

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