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The political prisoners of the community Wente Winkul Mapu of Lof Chekenco: Paulino Levipan Coyán, Daniel Levinao Montoya, Hector Ricardo Nahuelqueo Nahuelqueo, Rodrigo Montoya Melinao and their spokesman Eric Montoya Montoya.

We wish to inform the national and international public opinion that:
Today September 2, 2012, the seventh day of our hunger strike, we maintain firm our decision to continue our mobilization. Every day that passes we are more convinced of our struggle against this repressive state that has us deprived of our liberty, simply for being Mapuche, part of a people who will never disappear.

The hunger strike is our only weapon to denounce the Chilean state and its racist government, along with their police institutions that repress, imprison and condemn our peñis(brothers), only for thinking and fighting for the just and legitimate right to territory and freedom of our people. We will continue resisting and fighting against the oppressive capitalist system, we will fight against the usurpation of land and go to the end for justice and truth for our cause.

We demand:

1. - A mistrial in the case of Paulino Levipan and Daniel Levinao.
2. - The application of Convention 169 and international agreements signed by Chile.
3. - An end to the use of protected witnesses in Mapuche cases.
4. - No more raids on Mapuche communities and an immediate end to police violence against children, women and elderly.  

   We want the demilitarization of Mapuche territory.
5. - Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners and the return of the territory to our communities.

Mapuche Political Prisoners Wente Winkul Mapu

Below each Mapuche political prisoner sends a word to all those who resist in the Mapuche territory and all persons who understand and support our fight.

HECTOR RICARDO NAHUELQUEO. Political prisoner on hunger strike since August 2 with a weight at the start of 63,400 and Sunday September 2, weighs 59,000. My goal with my peñis is to achieve our demands and go to the ultimate consequences to be heard by the state. We will continue in resistance. Marrichiweu.

RODRIGO MONTOYA. Today September 2 still on hunger strike for my just demands with my peñis, in which we seek only a due process, fair, transparent thus seeking our freedom, since we have been innocently accused and our only weapon we have to fight and prove our innocence is this hunger strike. I started with 64,100 and today, September 2, I weight 59,000 kilos. Well worth the life, liberty and the territory of our people. Marrichiweu.

PAULINO LEVIPAN COYAM Mapuche Political Prisoner of the community Wente Winkul Mapu, sentenced to nearly 12 years by a court of this repressive and racist state, that makes us pay with long sentences to regain our territory. I started on August 27 with a weight of 67,800 and Sunday September 2, I weigh 62,700. I will fight to the end for my demands alongside my peñis. Marrichiweu.

ERICK MONTOYA MONTOYA Spokesperson of the political prisoners on hunger strike of Wente Winkul Mapu, being today September 2 I announce my ideas to move forward with our just demands, I will not let the repressive state condemn us as they have done with our peñis, so I decided to make this strike to tell the government: Enough repression, no more raids, no more violence against our mothers, small brothers and grandparents. Stop repression against the communities. I started my strike on August 27 with 65,400 and now on September 2 I weight 60,800. Long life and resistance to our people. Marrichiweu.

DANIEL LEVINAO MONTOYA Mapuche political prisoners who started my strike on September 2 I make known my discontent with the courts of justice in police institutions who repress our people for regaining their land. I started my strike on August 27 with 63,700 and now, September 2, I weight 57,700.
I give encouragement to all our peñis to keep fighting, to keep resisting to someday regain the land that was fought for by my great grandfather, my grandfather, my father and that today it is my turn to fight for, the same fight that I will leave to my son and my grandson. Marrichiweu pu peñi, pu lamieng.

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