Friday, August 31, 2012

Update on occupation and hunger strike in UNICEF headquarters in Chile

Huencho Mewlen Mewlen

To the National and International Community, we want to express the following: 

After 36 days of occupation and seven days after our spokeswoman Mewlen Huencho started a hunger strike to protest the UN passive stance, the highest authorities of the UN system in Chile has taken a step towards the right path: carry out its mandate to protect the Mapuche and condemn these abuses of the human rights of our people.

Today, finally, Tom Olsen, UNICEF Representative in Chile, promised to visit the conflict zone, where he shall meet in Ercilla with our werkén and our authorities on Monday September 3 at 13:00 hrs
This meeting place will enable the entire territory to come and give an account of the horrors that our communities are subjected to by the Chilean State and officials of the international organization may verify for themselves the harsh reality of the violations of the rights of our children, women and elderly.

As a sign of our confidence in the international word, we have decided to lay down the hunger strike and resume the interrupted dialog, maintaining occupancy, making the world a witness of the fulfillment of the promises of UNICEF and the UN system.

These days in which the hunt against our werkén Mijael Carbone Queipul signifys the persecution of our brothers and the raids on our communities, we need more than ever for the international community to actively engage to stop the abuses.

So we call for solidarity to everyone to remain vigilant and maintain actions to denounce the Chilean State and its machinery of repression against our people.

Mewlen Huencho
Werkén Mapuche Territorial Alliance

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