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Appeals Court will hear Mapuche children shot in Collipulli Hospital, Chile


Appeals Court will hear Mapuche children 
shot in Collipulli Hospital

  16.08.2012 |  

By appealing to the provisions of the International Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Mapuche Criminal Defense asked the Court of Appeals of Temuco to hear the story of a group of Mapuche children.

Tomorrow Friday August 17 and before the court minister Alejandro Vera Quilodrán, Mapuche children who were shot in Collipulli Hospital will have the opportunity to show and express what they deem relevant, exercising their right to be heard.

So this is established by the International Convention on Children's Rights and according to the Mapuche criminal defender Maria del Rosario Salamanca, "this right is reinforced for Mapuche children in the ILO Convention 169, in this context the Public Criminal Defense of the Araucanía Region, along with becoming a party of the appeal lodged by the Human Rights Institute for Mapuche children, has asked the Court of Appeals of Temuco to set a special hearing for children to be heard."

This request having been received, tomorrow the Court will receive the children who will talk privately with the Minister Alejandro Vera.

"It is relevant here that a Court of the Republic such as the Court of Appeals hears these children affected by lead shot of the police on July 23 outside the Collipulli Hospital when assisting a visit to their relatives," said the lawyer. 

Stating further that the idea of the defense to make the request, was that "the fulfillment of the right to be heard of the protected children becomes effective" added the lawyer Salamanca.

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