Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Words of the young Mapuche Leonardo Quijon shot by the Chilean State Police - 2009

Grave human rights violation, Leonardo Quijón shot by police, innocently accused and tried, still no one answers for, and nobody takes responsibility for, the pellets in his body.

On June 19, 2010, after five days of trial against him, the minor Leonardo Quijón Pereira was cleared of all the crimes he was accused of by the Anti-Mapuche prosecution, by means of the Prosecutor of Angol, Luis Chamorro, who during the trial requested a 10-year sentence against the teenager, which is the maximum penalty that can be applied to a minor.

Leonardo, who was arrested in Santiago by the PDI after being long in the Trauma Institute of the capital, had to spend more than 8 months in detention in a Detention Center in the town of Cholchol, accused by the prosecution of robbery, arson, illegal possession of firearm and attempted murder. According to the Anti-Mapuche prosecutor, Leonardo would have participated in an ambush in the area of Alto Cancura, Route Collipulli-Angol, where there were 2 trucks attacked and burned.

Finally, in front of family and members of his community, the judges who saw his case decided to acquit him of the 4 charges against him because the prosecution evidence was insufficient and rightfully absurd. Afterwards he was taken to the detention center of Cholchol where he was released and he went with his family to his Community.

Source text: Meli Wixan Mapu

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