Monday, August 20, 2012

Chilean military court acquits policeman of murder of Jaime Mendoza Collio


Following the logic
of war, Chilean military court acquits policeman murderer of
community member Jaime Mendoza Collio of Requem Pillán
August 19, 2012

Contempt for expert reports

Against all expert evidence, neglecting even those made by the PDI, Chileancivilian police, Chilean military "concludes" that Patricio Jara Muñoz fired in self-defense.

The ruling that seems to come straight from Ivan Bezmalinovic's own hand, becomes a rude slap in the face of Jaime's family, of the families of the other villagers killed by police and of all Mapuche. It is also an insult to common sense.

Recall that the incident occurred in the vicinity of the community of Requem Cabrapan, adjacent to San Sebastian estate, where the villagers from several communities had been evicted, who had entered the premises a few days before in order to start a productive land-recovery.

The crime against Mendoza Collío was doubly compounded by cover-ups made ​​by the police to which belonged the officer of the Gope Special Forces Miguel Jara Muñoz, author of the fatal shot, and the public justification of the fact performed by the, at the time, prefect of Malleco Ivan Bezmalinovic and the Undersecretary of the interior of the time Patricio Rosende.
Pigs would be more diligent than the military court

According to the lawyer of the Collío Mendoza family, not even the defense of the officer Jara Muñoz expected this ruling, because what would be discussed at the military tribunal would be just the type and magnitude of the penalty. 

On the other hand he assures that the military ruling is not sustainable because it is not consistent with even the version of the accused and other Gope troops, who accompanied him, who admit that they saw no one with any kind of weapons and even less the victim, and that he only shot at "a lump".

Rude and humiliating

Such is the rudeness and contempt shown by the Martial Court against the Mapuche Nation that not even the family's lawyer was notified of the judgment, it was delivered exclusively to El Mercurio, the official journal of the oligarchy.

It is unlikely that a judgment of this nature can be sustained against a possible appeal to a fairly impartial civil court, however in this case the appeal shall be filed with the Supreme Court which, although it previously has moderated some excessively high sentences issued against Mapuche, no ceases to be a court of justice of the Chilean state, the invader and occupier of our country and present occupier of our Mapuche Country on this side of the mountain range and therefore very little impartial at the time of judging.

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