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Public statement of Mapuche communities of Ercilla, Chile, against increasing state violence in the area

Public statement of Mapuche communities of Ercilla, Chile, against increasing state violence in the area


The Mapuche communities of Ercilla determine measures against the violence of the Chilean government in the area
July 30, 2012

The mobilized Mapuche communities from the area of Ercilla (Malleco): We come to issue the following public statement to the national and international community, this in the face of the latest developments that are being generated against the Mapuche communities and their territorial and political rights.

1 -. As the Mapuche communities of the area of Ercilla, today we have summoned ourselves in order to define and determine measures to protect the physical and psychological integrity of our people, this in the face of the actions that the current government determined in its security summit in Santiago. Which we reject absolutely for their degree of racism, violence and discrimination that they bring to our communities. Since during these last days we have been victims of police violence in different operations that have ended with injured children and elderly. To this should be noted the continued harassment of our homes during the day and night, which lately has included a helicopter that flies over all of our communities. We have been objects of unfounded accusations, loaded with racism and xenophobia. Statements made by political authorities like the mayor of the region and the governor of Malleco. Who only seek to bring this situation to a level of criminalization and political persecution against members of our communities, rather than seeking settlement mechanisms that allow to give an answer to our territorial claims.

2 -. For the Mobilized Mapuche communities, we believe this government's attitude reflects the historical practice of governments to the demands made by the Mapuche, who take the repression as a desperate measure. This government has profited economically and politically from this situation, thus arises our immediate concern, as in our communities we must now wait for new raids, wounded or deaths. In this climate, we have resolved together to confront the difficult situation that affects us, like the issues of the militarization of the area, the continued harassment of our communities and to continue with the reclaiming of lands.

3. - In the same way, the Mapuche communities mobilized announce our presence at the trial of the brothers of the community Wente Winkul Mapu. A trial that we consider a new set up of Anti Mapuche prosecutor Luis Chamorro and General Ivan Bezmalinovic of the ninth area, who directly participated in covering up the murder of Jaime Mendoza Collio. Today, his playing of the victim lacks all legitimacy.

4. - Lastly we make a broad appeal to the public opinion not to be influenced by the machinations of government communications, who have used small farmers as a way of criminalizing our demand. The latter, victims of the government's desire to seek culprits have been the lures and instruments for their darkest purposes. This is reflected by the continuing statements of the governor of Malleco, who without waiting for an investigation, has established culprits and seeks the political condemnation of our territorial claims.


Mapuche community Wente Winkul Mapu
Mapuche community los Loloco
Mapuche community Temucuicui Autónoma
Mapuche community Rankilko
Mapuche community Newen Mapu

Wall-Mapu: Ercilla July 30, 2012

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