Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Case of the Mapuche minor Leonardo Quijón of the community Chequenco - Chile, June 2010

A further testimony of the repression, discrimination and violation of human rights to the Mapuche people.
Leonardo Quijón Pereira, a young Mapuche of the community Chequenco relates the situation, repression, the harassment, persecution by the Chilean state police. Leonardo is one of the young Mapuche discriminated against and persecuted by the Chilean state by virtue of being Mapuche.

His case is a serious violation of human rights, shot by police, innocently accused and tried, still no one answers for nor is the one judged who is responsible for the pellets in his body. Since 2009 until now it is little that organizations for the rights of children have done to support him. It should be recalled that even now (2012) Leonardo has the pellets in his leg that keep him from doing a job without health difficulties nor is he pain free.
Harassment and persecution continue against him. In December 2011 he was threatened by three policemen when he was near his village returning to his home.
Also in the Video Dr. Ana Maria Garcia Informed the representative of UNICEF in Chile Mr. Gary Stahl

I have been fortunate to meet Leonardo closer and I can say he is a young man full of dignity and enormous love for humanity.

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