Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Court hearing for the young Mapuche Leonardo Quijón, Thursday 13.12.2012 - 09:00 Hours - Review of precautionary measures - Collipulli, Chile

By Elena Urrutia 12.12.2012

Young Mapuche political prisoner on hunger strike in the jail of Angol, Chile!

This Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 09:00 hours in the court of Collipulli will be held the Hearing for the revision of precautionary measures for the young Mapuche Leonardo Quijón Pereira, from the Community Chequenco. The 20 year old is a prisoner in the jail of Angol carrying out a second hunger strike since November 27. He demands a fair trial, that the process be speedier and transparent, that all his witnesses be accepted, an end to the setups against the Mapuche people, that he be granted his release on precautionary measures and that the family of the parcel holder rectify their statements because he is innocent.

It is important to remember that Leonardo Quijón joined the hunger strike by the community members in Temuco from October 1 until October 23 demanding the transfer to Angol to be closer to their families.
That strike caused him to suffer heart irregularities for which he was transferred urgently to the Hospital of Angol besides losing about 10 kilos.

His state of health is complex because since 2009 he suffers the effects resulting from the police attack that left him about 200 pellets in his left calf and which he still has.

Nevertheless on September 3 it was ordered to leave him in
pretrial detention after this young man presented himself voluntarily to the Investigative Police (PDI) to prove his innocence in the case of the death of the parcel holder Gallardo in which he was implied.
Leonardo made ​​the difficult decision to hold a second hunger strike since November 27 that still continues and states in his public statements that
in the event of no reaching a solution he will stop ingesting liquids from December 17.

We call on the national and international community, the press, the people of consciousness and the human rights defenders to be alert to the developments of the hearing.

Freedom for all Mapuche political prisoners, an end to the setups against the Mapuche people, stop the repression against Mapuche communities and their children!

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