Monday, December 24, 2012

PUBLIC STATEMENT - CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners

Thursday, Wallmapu, December 20, 2012.

To our People Nation, ta peñi ka lamngen and Chilean and international public opinion, faced with the information emitted by various media related to the death of Osvaldo Aliro Zapata Gutierrez, parcel holder of 54, in the area of ​​Antiquina, 28 km from the city of Cañete, we want to express the following:

Kiñe. - That the various measures undertaken by the Bodies of Territorial Resistance CAM (ORT - CAM) in our Wallmapuche, have a common enemy, capitalism, and a clear goal, stopping their advance in Mapuche territory, in the sector Lafkenche in the province of Arauco, it is particularly against forestry companies (Mininco, Volterra, etc.) and their manifestations of investment and usurpation.

- The Chilean peasantry is not and will never be a target for the ORT - CAM , what is more, we consider them to be a sector also oppressed by the prevailing political economic system, so we have a common enemy. Furthermore, as pu weichafe of our people nation, we owe to the political ethics of the weichan, or fight, consequently we have no indiscriminate line of confrontation against land holders and peasants, we are categorically against it. We do not attack the weakest even though they are in Mapuche territory.

Kula. - Therefore we repudiate the actions of the tendentious media, TVN, Bio Bio, the Radio, La Nación, Emol, among others, in trying to link the death of Mr. Olvaldo Zapata with the CAM and its ORT. We state that this is an isolated incident and has no relation to our claim and control processes.

Meli. - Finally we add, that the actions of resistance against forestry companies are in support of our pu weichafe carrying 37 days on hunger strike.

No to the Double Processing of the
 CAM Mapuche Political Prisoners
Recognition of Benefits for Héctor Llaitul 
(4 years of Pretrial Detention)
Immediate Release of Ramón Llanquileo  
(weekend release)

Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners
Territory and Autonomy

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