Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Mapuche Country, December 18, 2012


1. On the present day our werken Mijael Carbone Queipul presented himself to the Chilean court of Angol in order to formally learn of the new process against him and in the tranquility of his innocence after the Supreme Court granted the appeal for annulment and invalidated the judgment and the trial that sentenced him to seven years in prison. This is due to lack of evidence in the process, confirming what Mijael stated publicly about that the trial was political and would be presented to court when there was a chance to correct the situation.

2. In this scenario the immediate reactions of state officials are reprehensible (Secretary Ubilla and Mayor Molina) who put pressure on the courts stating that his imprisonment should be required and that our brother "is a danger to society." Thus, these officials and representatives of the executive power show to disregard the rules governing its own institutions, for qualifying a person contrary to the the statement by the judicial power and thereby attempting to influence them and thus limiting their independence.

3. The facts show that in Chile the thief goes behind the judge because while Mijael Carbone Queipul is condemned politically for demanding the human rights recognized by international standard and the Chilean constitution, accusing officials have a clear relationship with businesses that seriously affect society, like the case of consulting witches being investigated in Argentina where it mentions the Undersecretary Rodrigo Ubilla Mackenney, or corruption by recent overpricing in the offices of their dependency. While Mayor Andres Molina Magofke has a long history in the business of forest mono-culture, whose destructive consequences are known in the climate field, destruction of biodiversity, pesticides in the human environment and that generates the severe lack of water in the territory. This official is also known for ordering lawsuits without evidence, attempts to tamper with Mapuche organizations and severe repression against Mapuche individuals, adults and children, facts that he has tried to ignore coldly accusing of "photo-montage" and mediatic arguments of zero credibility. 

4. The Mapuche right predates Chilean society and yet we are forced to pass through Chilean courts every time we try to exercise it. We hope that in the coming trial there will not be committed the injustice that forced our werken and his family to suffer persecution and shootings by the police, for we have seen that in each case where it has been possible to expect a fair trial he has presented himself to court voluntarily.

For the freedom of all political prisoners and the life of all beings on the planet.

Mapuche Territorial Alliance PULOFMAPU XAWUN

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