Monday, December 17, 2012

PUBLIC STATEMENT NR. 4 OF LEONARDO QUIJÓN PEREIRA, Mapuche political prisoner from the jail of Angol - CHILE / 16/12/2012 + Report

 Leonardo Quijón Pereira

I Leonardo Quijón Pereira Mapuche political prisoner from the Community Chequenco want to inform the national and international community the following:

By reason of the requests and great concern of my family for my grave situation of health I desist the hunger strike that I started on 27 November.

I'm innocent in the case of the death of the parcel holder Gallardo and am willing to submit to all the expert investigations that the court requires to prove that I am innocent and rule out the responsibility for the events of which I am charged to counter the evidence that the prosecution maintains.

That I will keep fighting for the truth to be known in the causes and setups of which they accuse me.

That at the hearing on December 13 they rejected the precautionary measures because the prosecutor Chamorro has not yet delivered the background research.

I thank all those lamngen who supported me and accompanied me during the strike and those who continue to support me.

Leonardo Quijón Pereira from the jail of Angol, December 16, 2012
For more information contact my sister Cristina Quijón.

REPORT 16.12.2012 Leonardo Quijón Pereira Mapuche political prisoner on hunger strike since 27/11/2012

Headaches, fever, dizziness, cramps, weakness, leg pain, insomnia

INITIAL WEIGHT    27/11/2012:                54.700 Kg
WEIGHT                   28/11/2012:                53.100 Kg
WEIGHT                     1/12/2012:               51.700 Kg
WEIGHT                     4/12/2012:               51.300 Kg
WEIGHT                     5/12/2012:               50.900 Kg
WEIGHT                   16/12/2012:               48.500 Kg

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