Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Statements about the raid on Mapuche Community Weichan Mapu

WEDNESDAY O2: 00 AM, Community Weichan Mapu informs:

Community spokeswoman Florinda Martines Gaez indicated that Frutillar police at 11 in the night had entered the estate in recovery because of a request made by an employee of the
Dutch Transnational Corporation, San Luis SA Dairy Company which is making use of, and enjoying, the Huenuqueo family lands, fraudulently acquired by them since 1991, according to a statement by police to the Mapuche leader, they entered without a warrant of any court and the shooting would have been been caused both by police and by the employee of the Company, because the community would have put up resistance, inviting the police to evict the place, the estate worker accuses that they would have broken a camera that the company has installed at the entrance of the farm where it controls and monitors the entry of the Mapuche families.

The families report that one of their horses has been shot, at this hour of the morning the spokeswoman told us that the police is retreating from the farm, but she called to be alert because it is not the first time that the police try to enter the estate to evict and search for antecedents of their families, inventing motives, and she does not rule out that it was a further setup to produce an eviction of the families.


Mapuche Williche Community Weichan Mapu of Frutillar reaffirms its claim to their land with a Llellipun ceremony.

With a Llellipun ceremony on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 December 2012, the Mapuche Williche community Weichan Mapu of Frutillar reaffirms the reclaiming of their usurped lands, a process that began on Thursday, October 20, 2011. Since 1991 the lands of Claudina Huenuqueo Inalef were usurped by titles given to people who "misrepresented" the conditions to the authorities of the time and caused the evacuation of all her children and relatives of the place, and now tired of the lack of response by the authorities they are willing to reaffirm and take possession more with agricultural activities, planting crops and the construction of their rukas, homes that were burned by police in 1991. 

The heirs of the rightful owner Claudina Huenuqueo Inalef demandand state:
- Recovery of the 250 hectares although the original ancient document stateses that they are legitimate heirs and owners of 1000 acres

 - That the Dutch Transnational Corporation, San Luis SA Dairy Company is making use and enjoyment of the lands of our brothers fraudulently acquiring them.
- That the landowner Samuel Santos Cruz Hudson representing the aforementioned transnational corporation has incurred repeated threats, persecution and harassment of our sister Florinda Martinez Gaez and has filed a lawsuit against her for theft in the Court of Puerto Varas, requesting the eviction of the families even when the only land grabbers are Mr. Samuel Santos Cruz and transnational Dairy company San Luis SA
- We call on williche communities of the territory to be alert to the possible eviction of our lands.

- Lastly we demand of the Conadi, of its director José Pedro Vasquez Zottele to take charge and assume his political responsibility and return the territory as soon as possible since he is aware of the conflict for more than a year. 

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