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DECEMBER 26, 2012

Public statement from Lof Muko against the arrest of our peñi Eliseo Ñirripil and harassment by the PDI and yanaconas of the sector.

To the National and International Public Community, Communities in Resistance and to all those who support our fight, the Community MATEO ÑIRRIPIL AUTONOMOUS communicates the following: 
As we have already reported, on Sunday December 23 at dawn, our community suffered a violent raid where the homes of our werken Elvis Millan Colicheu and our peñi Eliseo Ñirripil Cayupán were raided, the last being arrested. At not finding any proof nor trace of any crime committed, they created a new setup by using a gun that was not his property, we know that this reflects the persecution that our peñi have suffered for years by the Chilean state, only to defend our ideals as Mapuche. 

After detentions and raids, the next day, Monday 24 December of this year, the PDI continued the harassment in our community, now accompanied by members of the community MATEO ÑIRRIPIL TRADITIONAL (Veronica Caniupan and others), who beat and threatened our peñi, including a lagmien of 8 months pregnant. 

Not content with this, the same yanaconas of the community TRADITIONAL ÑIRRIPIL MATEO, went at night to the farm Los Pilos (now claimed by our autonomous community) where they removed and destroyed our Rewe that had been erected there in an act of recuperation carried out by our community, demonstrating that there is not any love nor respect for our culture and our being as Mapuche, except when these traitors present themselves before winka authorities such as Conadi and others where they do not hesitate to use our own culture for profit.

We also want to make know that in the last hours we have seen the presence of armed paramilitary groups surrounding our community and performing acts of harassment, so we appeal to be aware of what may happen to our people.

With all our might we repudiate these events that occurred in our community by the hand of the Chilean government, the PDI and their yanaconas accomplices, but we want to make it clear that they can never deter our fight!

For the territory and autonomy of our Mapuche Nation we will continue to fight and resist!

Freedom for Eliseo Ñirripil Cayupan and all Mapuche political prisoners!


From wenteche territory, community Mateo Ñirripil Autonomous, Lof Muko.

December 26, 2012.

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