Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Daniel Levinao is declared innocent: Setup by General Bezmalinovic falls apart

December 18, 2012

A new and clear proof of the setups against Mapuche community members in resistance was evident Tuesday in Angol, where they acquitted the youth from Wente Winkul Mapu Daniel Levinao Montoya.

After the hunger strike that lasted more than two months, the Supreme Court overturned the sentence of 11 years imprisonment against Levinao Montoya, ordering a new trial. It started Monday and included the testimony of witnesses and the own version of the community member.

After that, the three judges agreed to acquit the young Mapuche of the accusations of "attempted murder" against the police, particularly against the head of the institution in La Araucanía, General Ivan Bezmalinovic, who said he had "pulled away from the shots of the young defendants." 

The ruling is in line with what happened with the other community member convicted in this case, Paulino Levipán, of whom they reduced the term to 3 years on probation for only the offense of injury and not "attempted murder".

Already there are countless cases where the prosecution, mainly those led by Luis Chamorro, has seen acquitted the community members of Winkul Wente Mapu, who carry on an active process of recovery of 2,500 hectares of Mapuche territory occupied by forestry companies and large landowners.  

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